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Heartbroken Heartbreakers [On Hold]


Chapter 1- Rose

Looking back on my relationship with Asher Blaze, I really should have seen it coming. But my naïve, young and in-love self wouldn’t have noticed the truth even if I had come from the future to warn her, until it was too late. Until my heart had been shattered to pieces, leaving a cold, hard shell in its place; I was truly the world’s biggest fool. 

It just made me so mad that I hadn’t even seen it coming. How was it possible that the thought had never crossed my mind, even with all of the stupidly obvious signs being shoved right in my face? Had I really been that dense? Or had I just been that in love? 

I remember the day perfectly, and I have a feeling I always will. 

It was a crisp, autumn morning, and I had gone about my morning routine at ease. I had a nice and pleasant sleep that night; I had slept like a baby. Also, since it was late arrival, I got two extra hours of sleep. 

I was feeling good that morning. I had no idea that the feeling would not last. I wore my new pale pink cashmere sweater, and my favorite pair of jeans. I curled my hair a bit at the tips, just how Asher liked it. That was the last time I genuinely smiled at my reflection. From then on, it was always more of a smirk. With the tiny amount of makeup I wore, I looked more on the soft and girly side then the sexy and wild side that my favorite cousin, Farrah Trevor, always sported. She tried to get me to try that sort of look out, but my shy personality wasn’t willing to expand quite that far, so we settled on a bit of makeup. 

I made my way to the corner of my street with a bounce in my step. Asher was always at least one period late when it was late arrival, so on days like this, he couldn’t give me a ride to school. But I didn’t really mind. It was nice having the morning just for me. 

The bus arrived about a minute after I made it to the corner, so I didn’t have to wait in the chilly weather. It was a good sort of chilly, but after a while, even the good kind of chilly gets on your nerves. I climbed aboard and looked around uneasily. I always hated this feeling, when you weren’t sure where to sit. It wasn’t like in those movies, where every face you passed was an unfriendly one until you found a friendly face at the very back. But most of the students already had someone sitting with them and they were deeply engrossed in their conversation. 

Lucky for me, Farrah was on the bus that day and she waved at me from the middle of the crowded bus. I grinned and walked over, setting my bag down on the floor in front of the empty spot by Farrah. “Hey,” I greeted, plopping down on the seat with a small thud. “No shiny red convertible today?” 

That was my first clue. Since when did Farrah not take her convertible to school, even if she was grounded or had it taken away? Never, was the answer. Never. 

Farrah frowned and shook her head sadly, golden tresses waving about. “No. My dad grounded me for staying out too late last night.” 

I gave her my best sympathetic look and responded, “That’s too bad. On the bright side, I’m sure you had a good time last night, huh?” 

The look on her face was kind of odd, I noticed. She looked a bit nervous, a bit giddy, and a bit… guilty? The pieces didn’t really click at the moment, but I was guessing she had gotten involved with some random stranger at a party again and she regretted it. “Yeah,” she said, and her voice was just barely louder than a whisper. “Wild.” 

There went my second clue. Farrah never felt guilty about her random hookups. She might look back on them and wrinkle her nose in disgust, but she never felt bad about them. 

I gave her a weird look, but ignored her sudden change of mood. “How long did you get grounded for?” 

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Lindsey McKeon as Rose
Drew Fulleras Michael
Chris Evansas Johnny
Evan Rachel Woodas Ella
Freddie Stromaas Asher
Alexz Johnsonas Clarissa
Rachel McAdamsas Maggie
AnnaLynne McCordas Farrah

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