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Battle for Eralos (On Hold)



  The sun was just beginning to rise, when the sound of the messenger's trumpet could be heard in the distance. Volgrare Night was one of the earlier risers and was one of the first to hear the sound of the trumpet and the thumping of some horses' hooves. A crowd of people had gathered around the center of town, murmuring, shouting, and whispering to one another.

  Volgrare dropped the two buckets of water he had in each of his hands and ran inside his little old cottage to get his brother. The smoke billowed out of the chimney from the fireplace inside. Volgrare was a young man and slightly similar looking to his brother. His brother's name was Notos Night. He was a year older than Volgrare and together they ran a small shop. The shop would sell weapons and armor that they had gathered from different blacksmiths from far and wide.


  Volgrare and Notos both had light skin, muscular bodies, blue eyes, and blonde hair. They caught most women’s eye, but Volgrare ignored them. He felt that none of them were special, except for one. She had no idea Volgrare had feelings for her. Her name was Lila and she was Volgrare's best friend. She was one of a looker, though men disliked her for her sassy personality. Her personality is one of the things Volgrare liked.


 "Get up!" Volgrare shook Notos until he awoke.


 "What is it?" he asked annoyed, rubbing the drowsiness from his eyes.


 "The king has sent the messenger..." Volgrare replied gravely. The last time the messenger had been sent, bad news had arrived. Last time it was because the Vikings from across the water attacked their country. The king had warned them all that villages were being burned to the ground. Fortunately, Volgrare and his town were one of the safer civilizations. What would be happening this time?


  Notos washed up and got dressed immediately. Then together Volgrare and Notos strode to the town square, where everyone watched the messenger ride their way. Two of the king's knights rode alongside him. They wore silver armor and chainmail and held long poles with the king's flag tied to the ends. The kingdom's symbol, a black lion, was sewn into the flags' yellow fabric. The flags blew in the wind while the knights galloped forth on their giant black stallions.


 "Volgrare!" Lila cried out, while she pushed her way through the crowd.

  She had pale blonde hair that fell down her back in a thick braid. Lila was thin and had light skin. Her hazel eyes looked up pleadingly at the two men, mainly at Volgrare.


 "What's going on?" she asked worried.


  "I'm not sure, but I don't like the look of this." Volgrare answered, while he squinted at the messenger's figure. His figure grew larger, as his horse got closer.


  Once the messenger entered the town square, the voices and sounds only grew higher.


  "Silence!" The knights commanded.


   The messenger was a thin man. He had dark black hair and a black mustache across his top lip. He wore an outfit of the colors yellow and black, like the flag, and wore chainmail that came to his thighs and neck. He cleared his old wrinkled throat before reading the scroll in his hand.


  "By order of King Rezdar, many men will be chosen to fight alongside our knights in the battle between the Tiranians, for they have approached our land and hope to dictate it." Everyone's eyes widened, especially Lila's. She held onto Volgrare's hand out of nervousness.


  "I will call out the names of men who shall join our army!" The messenger bellowed.


  Volgrare swallowed his fear and stared at his brother. His brother was the only one he had. Their parents had died off from a horrendous disease. The brothers were left with each other and a shop, with only a few coins to survive. During the last warning of attack from the Vikings, the shop sold many goods. They sold weapons and armor left and right to the kingdom's knights.


  Now it was time for the villagers and residents to fight? Volgrare thought to himself. He knew it wasn't fair.

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