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Hadden Parker, 22, and the oldest of the TWfamily. He’s been making girls fall for him ever since he was born, which makes his father, Tom, quite proud. He’s currently single, but in the magazines he’s known as a player. He’s one of the romantic kids around, but hasn’t found the right girl yet. He recently moved out of the house, but only moved three blocks away, staying close to his family.

Malcolm Parker, 18 years old and is a total rock-star. After forming his own band at the age of 15, he has opened for his father’s band on numerous tours. Tom couldn’t be more proud of him, being the only child to follow his footsteps. He’s currently dating, Lily Sykes, who has brought out the softer and kinder side of Malcolm.

Marcus Parker, 18, is the totally opposite of his twin brother, Malcolm. He’s more into sports than playing music, but he’s his brothers’ biggest supporter, besides you of course. Marcus is one of the top soccer players in the area, and soon will be off in to college, on full soccer scholarship. He’s studying to be an English teacher, and hopefully a soccer coach for the school he works for. He’s currently dating, Alaina Kanesawaran.


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