Life Was Meant to Be

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I am sorry that I have no updated in a while. I just started school again...HIGH SCHOOL :D...and I am super busy. I make NO promises but i will try to find time this week to write!

This is my new story I have been wanting to get up for a while now....but havent had time and now i do! I hope you enjoy! VOTE and COMMENT please

BTW!! This book is SAD!! makes you cry..JUST WARNING YOU :P



            It was okay in the beginning. I was fine with what he gave me and what he did. Most people in my situation would be screaming in agony and pleading for someone to help them. That was not me and it never was. Since I was a little girl this man has done things to me, actually he told me he started two weeks after I was born. I do not believe him though, why would I believe anything he told me. Of course, he was and still is my father; I loved him but he did experiments on me and turned me into his own personal human lab rat.

            I was eleven when it all ended. My mother came home screaming and tears running down her face. She seemed as if she was in agony. It was then when I notice my father was not behind her as always. She began to tell me that he was caught from the police trying to inject them with needles. The police have no idea what is the substance is and the scientist are trying to figure it out.

            A few weeks later, the scientist still trying to figure out what it was, the trial had begun. We sat two rows back on the right side and watched my father get accused. There has been no other case toward him except this one and it seemed as if he was unable to do anything right, the judge ruled it off as insane and my father was taken into Safelight Mental Institution.

            Every day after that, people looked at me with pity and my heart heaved a little more each day. I forced on a smile and just kept walking. I forced myself to smile, to laugh and to have fun. I knew I should not have and just ask someone to help me but who was there to help me? Nobody understood what was happening to me. There was nobody else that was a lab rat for eleven years; they would not know how to help me so I kept my mouth shut and let myself slowly break.

            Four years, I watched as my mother slowly started to fade away. I covered my ears at night from her screaming and crying, the banging on the wall as she beat it. The sleepless nights as I tried to calm her down until she fell asleep. The exhausting days as I tried to keep myself awake at school but quickly fall asleep after, my friends having no time to have fun with me.

            One certain day, I walked to school in baggy clothes and no makeup. I had no sleep that night and I was not in the best mood I have been. Today I could not even force a smile onto my face. I looked up at my two brunette and blue eyes twin friends. It was then when I learned they were leaving me, telling me I was no good before leaving over to the popular table.

            Weeks later, my mom started to get better but turned more into anger. She slapped me around, screaming in my face and cussed me out but I let it be. She was hurting inside for the love of her life has betrayed her. I let her grab my hand, throw me into my room and started packing my bags, telling me I was leaving. She never wanted to see me again. I nodded, understanding and brushed the feeling of hurt away.

            Nine months later, I was in my dorm room and experienced the most unbearable feeling. It felt as if something was clawing me from the inside out, throwing flame around it. I curled up in a ball, waking up exactly at midnight and just let the agony flood my mouth. As soon as it started, it quickly ended, if it was possible I felt emptier than before. The fire was still burning inside me, I felt the heat but I felt no pain. I did not even blink, as the fire continuing grew hotter as I stared at the blank wall and passed out.