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~Princeton Love Story~ (Mindless Behavior)


Prodigy's POV:YESSSSS!!!! She's mine!!then I heard someone banging on the door saying times up I got up and helped mioche up as she puts her shrit back on we walked out the closet looking a mess.we sat back down and it was kayla's turn to spin the bottle

Kayla's POV:it was my turn to spin the bottle but before I could the door bell rings diamond got up to answer it and screams like a crazy person and runs outside to hug someone.after the greeted each other and walked was a girl she was light skinned she had long hair passed her shoulds she was about 5'2 bottle shaped Figure.Im not going to lie she was HOT!!oh I know what your thinking!!and yes I'm bi.and I have always keep that to my self becuz I didn't want to lose my friends and if they fine out that I'm bi they would be disgusted with least that's what I think I really don't know how there going to take it and what really scares me is how ray is going to take it I mean I love boys AND girls and do you know how hard it is to look at diamond and Mary and not touch them in any sexurally way well I have learn to deal with it and I'm not take it very well and that is becuz a couple of days ago I almost grabed diamonds ass I'm mean like damn it like right there.but I doubt that she's gay becuz she hates girls becuz there nothing but drama unless she knows u she doesn't hate you well it's hard to explain but I even dout the girl that just came in here is bi or lesbion so Ill just keep this to my self until I'm ready to tell them the real me.

D:guys this is one of my old friends ma'kayla ( how ever you spell it)ma'kayla this is ray prince prod roc Mary mioche and Kayla lol

Ma'kayla:(looks at me)hi*smiles*

Kayla:*damn that smile*hi*smiles*

Everyone:hey ma'kayla

Ma'kayla:you can call me ma' or ma'kay

Everybody:ok ma'

D:well we playing 7 minutes in heave want to play?


Ma' Kay sets in the circle next to me and looks at me and smiles it was still my true to spin the bottle so I spin and it landed on.....MA'KAYLA yayayayay I look at her to see if she wanted to she nodded I looked at ray he looked confused I guess he thought I was going to back out but he'll naw I got up with ma' and we went in the closet and starred at each other eyes and out of no where SHE KISSED ME!!!!!!!!I was shocked then I kissed back she pulled away.

Ma':sorry but if you didn't know I'm bi

Me:it alight I'm bi too but I have a boyfriend


Me:ray ray.

Ma':oh well does he know your bi?

Me:no!no one does and I don't plan on them ever knowing!

Ma':dang girl chill but you know you can't back off being a bi......I mean you won't be able to control yourself(kisses my neck)and you know you want me(kisses her lips)just tell them they will understand(kisses and suck on my neck)

Kayla:(moaning every word)stoppppp ah ah I can't omg baby yessss suck it.

Ma'*smirks*and sucks her neck harder and left her mark on my neck)

Kayla:(moaning every word)ahhh I want you.....yess I want you not rayyyy just please your making me weak(her knees buckle and the fall to the ground)

Ma':(on top of Kayla grinding on her hard and still sucking her neck)I knew you wanted me(keeps going)

Kayla:but how am I going to telllll ----AHHHHH(moans)'m ..ah..I YESSSSS BABY YESSS(breathing hard as ma' fingers her HARD!!)

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Gail Scott as diamond (me)
Young keke palmeras madison
Pagie Hurd as Mary
Mindless behavioras them self
Omg girls as themselves
Diggyas himself
Jacob Latimoreas himself
Lauren Londonas kayla
miocheas her self

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