After dinner, I retreated to my room to do some more stuff for class but before I could sit down, hands grabbed my hips and pulled me close, grazing my butt against his area. I grinned, leaning back into Ollie’s chest and he smiled, kissing my forehead.

“Can we go see a movie tomorrow?” he asked, pushing his hands past my skinny jeans, brushing lightly over my boxers, making me shudder in pleasure.

“Of course,” I murmured, relaxing into him as he pushed my jeans down and brushed his hands over the inside of my thighs, making me whimper. He smirked, pulling me onto his bed so I was sitting with my back to him between his legs, my jeans forgotten on the floor as he yanked my shirt off and gently cupped it all in his hands.

He smirked at my instant arousal and whispered huskily,

“I can make you feel really, really good,”

I nodded with a whimper and let him take over.

My breathing hitched as my heart pumped faster, my eyes widening as my hands gripped his thighs. He brushed his thumb over it a couple of times before gently pulling me up slightly and yanking my boxers down, too. Now, I sat between his legs, naked, trembling in anticipation, already stiff with excitement.

Oliver chuckled, his fingers lightly teasing the area around before dragging them up and down my length, making me groan and lean back against him, filled with ecstasy as he wrapped his hand around my shaft, making me heat up, gasping as the other hand massaged my balls gently.

“O-Oliver,” I gasped, my fingers digging into his legs but he didn’t seem to care as he continued brushing over my ‘crown jewels’, making me whimper. “You-you’re going, so slowly,” I whined, and he laughed outright, and before I knew it, I was on my back again, with him hovering over me, a seductive smirk on his face.

“Oh, am I?”

I gasped and let out a loud groan as in a single movement, he lowered his mouth around my cock, all the way down to the base, hot, wet and fucking good, and pulled back up again, before giving me another one of those smirks that made me turn to jelly.

“D-don’t stop!” I gasped as I could feel his warm breath against my tip, and it was torturous agony. He chuckled and complied, kissing it gently before running his tongue up and down the length, leaving me gripping his hair tightly, eyes squeezed shut and head thrown back in pure pleasure.

“Oliver,” I groaned as he took hold of it sideways and sucked, then finally deep throated me again, and it was taking all of my effort not to ram my hips up. He was so warm, so wet that it made me gasp for air, whimpering in pleasure as his tongue brushed against the side before he slid his head back up, then down again.

I was in heaven, I swear. I’d never felt this good in my whole life as his mouth enveloped me, sliding up and down, his tongue brushing around it gently as I groaned his name over and over. I felt so hot down below, so turned on, I could barely speak anymore.

Eventually I thrust my hips up as I got closer and closer, and he let out a noise that sounded like a moan, but I was unsure. Whatever it was, it did wonders to my dick and I found myself almost at the climax, breathing heavily, trying to utter out a word of warning but it was too late as with one final thrust, I orgasmed, letting out a loud groan.

Oliver swallowed it before pulling a face and crawling up to me.

“Josh,” he breathed as he lay next to me, his warm brown eyes staring into mine. “I love you, so much,” he said, his lips, his oh-so-incredibly-talented lips pressing against mine. It was a short, sweet kiss, one filled with love.

“I love you too,” I whispered back, curling into a ball and pressing myself against him.

And that night, I slept filled with dreams of Oliver between my legs, or innocent ones of us cuddling warmly.


I'm completely inexperience in le sexual scenes. I have read many, but written only like, two.

So I hope this was good enough.

Even though it wasn't actually sex.



Vote, comment, spread the love :D

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