Love Fooled Me Again


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Bonus Chapter~ Everything Has Change

I can't stand this anymore! I wish I could just die. Dying is much more easier than living the hell of my life. I'm so tired of all these things. I regret loving him. All the memories. The time we shared. All he said was a lie... argh. I wish he didn't change... I wish... I don't even know why and when he changed. He's not that innocent, loving and caring boy I met. He's not that boy who will always tries he's best to make me laugh. he's not the cute, charming and cheeky boy I fell in love with... not anymore, Everything Has Change.

Harry is auditioning for X-Factor today and I know that the auditions are over so it's okay for me to call him.

It rang 2 times before he picked it up.

"Hello?" Harry said in his cheeky voice. I had to admit. Being besties with a cute boy can make you develop feelings for him. Yea I had a little crush on Harry.

"Hey Harry.." I said. Calling him after I cried wasn't such a good idea..

"Kath...why are you crying?" he asked in a sweet voice.

"Harry...He-he cheated!" I said bursting in tears. Urgh, I can't control my emotions right now.

"Oh... I'm sorry Katheryn I-I couldn't be there to comfort you.." He said sweetly.

"It's-It's okay Harry..." I said sniffing.

"So... how did the audition go?" I asked to change the subject.

"It...WENT GREAT! I GOT IN!!!" He basically screamed the words through the phone.

"That means..."

"That means I'm going away for a long time...."

Great. More bad news....Can my life get any worse!?

*2 years later*


Katheryn Collins is a simple and down to earth girl even though her family is rich. she goes to Amberdeen London University along with her long time best friend Harry Edward Styles, over the past few years she had tons of boyfriends; but they all broke her heart at the end, and she swore to herself that she will never ever fall in love again. But her promise wasn't kept...... She fell in love with Harry Styles.... Unfortunately, Harry joined the x-factor and she never heard from him since then. One day Harry got back for her, but she met another guy named Niall who is willing to do anything to get her... who will she choose? will she let Harry 'The Player' Styles steal her heart again? how can she keep her feelings from Harry when she had deeply fallen for him? join me and Katheryn Collins in the twist and turns of her life, the trials, scars and betrayals... can she survive all this pain and sorrow? and finally, the question that's left in every humans' mind... will her love for them succeed or will love fool her again?

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Barbara Palvinas Katheryn Scarlette Collins
Acacia Brinleyas Isabelle Collins
Nina Dobrevas Makayla Cooper
Lily Collinsas Allison Fonteyn
Kendall Jenneras Summer Bellamy
Avan Jogiaas Jayden Anderson
Harry Stylesas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
Liam Payneas Himself
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself

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