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Sacrificial Love: The Beginning

Dedicated to

2012, Massachusetts

Dear Diary,

It has been far too long since my last entry and because I am doing absolutely nothing at the moment, I might as well write my heart out to you. So many things have happened over the last few months. I feel as though time is just running away from me. I just can’t keep up with these new events occurring lately.

My eldest brother, Lucas, finally married Lidya after their four years of dating. I am so happy for him and the new step of life he’s going to go through. I see how Luke looks at Lydia and I want a man to look at me that way. So much passion and love a girl can take, calling it as her own. One day I want my man to never ever leave my side and understand me without asking for a reason. But that day, the day of Luke’s wedding, I got my heart broken yet again.

Charles Keith is Luke’s boss. We met around six months ago when Luke invited him to our home. Despite my lonely heart at that moment being left by James, I found comfort in Charles. It’s just something about him that makes me feel safe. His mysterious aura vibrating all over, his hair almost jet black and his eyes … his eyes the color of intense stormy blue. Though we’ve become somewhat close, that’s when it all started at Luke’s wedding.

I admit I was confused of how I should feel with James’ sudden disappearance. Then comes along Charles. Just when I thought I should move on and dared myself to not be afraid to take on a new challenge, that day Charles told me how unsure he was of our relationship. We weren’t dating, we’re just always there for each other and even though bombarded with tight schedules, Charles never failed to see me whenever he can. As difficult and complicated as it sounds another surprise struck me.

A week ago I had just returned from Celestial City. The High Councils had a meeting with my whole family. That day I found out where James had been all this time. The High Councils thought of him as the one who had started this war but I knew James had nothing to do with the war. I did.

I was the one who made Porscha mad and drove her out of James’ life. I know I’ve hated her but sometimes I do wonder to myself if I were in her shoes what would I have done. Now I only feel dread and guild weighing down on me. Why did the High Councils take James instead of me? Is it because of his mortal love for me being the number one reason for all this chaos?

I wish James were here with me, to spend time with me just like what we used to do a couple of months back. Even if I wish it so, there’s nothing I can do. There’s only one person who can be there for me if he will ever talk to me. Charles.


I read again what I just wrote in my diary and closed it when I was done with it. The lock on it clicked and I put it away in my drawer. My room was dark and gloomy, only the light on my desk was on giving out an eerie glow. I decided to head downstairs to the kitchen to get some food. Walking down the hallways and stairs alone, I marched to the kitchen. There was Henry our butler, and Chef Gusteau. When I came in, they abruptly stopped talking.

“You don’t need to stop talking on my account,” I said, giving them both a smile. “I’m just looking for something to eat.”

“Our conversation was nothing, mademoiselle,” Chef Gusteau replied with his French accent. I looked eagerly at whatever he was stirring in his pot. “I think Henry can bring you something to eat in a minute. We have a delicious roast beef stored in the fridge. I will heat it up in a moment.”

Henry steered my body around and ushered me out the kitchen door before I could say anything else.

“Yes Miss Elizabeth, Gusteau is quite right,” Henry said promptly. “I will bring your dinner to you at once, after Gusteau is all done heating it up.”

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Alexis Bledelas Elizabeth Lawson
Chris Pineas James Peter
Emma Stoneas Porscha
James McAvoyas Lucas Lawson
Chris Hemsworthas Mark Lawson
Chris Evansas Michael Lawson
Jackson Rathboneas John Lawson
Ashley Greeneas Liana Lawson
Tyler Hoechlinas Charles Keith

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