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Capturing The Heart

Chapter 1

Lizzie Carter flung her arms around the supervisor’s neck and pressed her body flush against his. She was wearing a loose blue blouse knotted at her waist, a black miniskirt and white tennis shoes. The supervisor lifted his arms to remove the girl’s arms from around his shoulders and looked down at her with a smirk. Lizzie smiled seductively up at him, batting her false lashes and ground her pelvis against his crotch. Jason Randall frowned; he was going to get fired if the girls at the camp kept flinging themselves at him shamelessly like desperate hussies.

He leaned down making like to kiss her only to move his head to the side at the last minute and whisper: “you must be desperate if you’re trying to get into my pants kid.” And stepped away from her and walked back to the main group of kids waiting for him to take them to the site’s outdoor sports centre. Lizzie scowled at the supervisors back, huffed and walked past him to join the rest of the girls from her cabin.

“Oi, Randall, one more for you. Her plane only got in an hour ago.” Bellowed Jefferson Knight the senior co-ordinator. He walked towards Jason toeing a petite redhead in ripped shorts, brown combat boots and a plaid shirt with the ends tied at her waist behind him. I bet she’s shy. Jason thought to himself when he noticed the huge blackout sunglasses perched on the girl’s nose. Or at least that’s what he thought until she lifted them to rest on the top of her head and sent him a snarky smile.

“Her name’s Willow Roland an-” Jefferson was cut off by Willow coughing and sending him a glare and saying “I’m capable of speaking for myself.” She stated her voice revealing a thick scottish brogue.

“She has a bit of an attitude if you hadn’t noticed.” Oh Jason had noticed alright, he never would have expected such a small girl to be so tempestuous. But, he supposed, it was fitting she had a fiery unpredictable temperament which matched her wild red hair.

“Here’s her file.” Jefferson handed Jason a thick manila folder which held all her contact, health and personal details. “Have a good time kiddo.” He said and ruffled willow’s hair as left causing her to scowl at his retreating back.

Willow had been observing the way her uncle was so easy around his staff for the past half hour after she had arrived and unloaded her things form her car. This gave her cause to study the man currently standing before her. He was tall, a foot taller than her own  5ft1” minimum, had black hair that was quite long for a man, blue eyes so dark they were almost black and a broad shouldered muscular body. He emitted waves of pure unadulterated masculinity that did funny things to her insides just thinking about it. He had a strange name though. Really, what sort of person names their kid Randall? He was probably teased to hell and back again when he was small. Or maybe not she thought when she remembered the way the muscles in his arms had bunched and quivered when he took the folder from Jeff.

“So... Willow, why didn’t you arrive on Tuesday with every else?” Jason asked her.

“Why’d you’re parents name you Randall?” she retorted. Jason stared at her blankly then sighed.

“My name is Jason, not Randall, now answer my question.”

“I’m an orphan. My parents died a few months ago in a sailing accident in the Bahamas. I wanted to be emancipated so I had to wait for the court case to close and then for my visa to come through before I could fly here.” Willow responded in monotone.

“Why did you need a visa? This thing only lasts four weeks.”

“The authorities both here in England and back in America wanted me to be living in the same country as my only living relative. So here I am. Jeff is my uncle and wants me stay here for while to catch up. He calls it bonding, I call it not trusting me not to do something stupid.” She explained.

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