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Guardians Among Us [ ON HOLD ]


Chapter I -  I Officially Hate The Color White


I opened my eyes blinking three times, staring at a plain white ceiling. And as I let my eyes wander, the walls were the same plain white color. The brightness dizzied me and at one point I couldn't tell where the wall and ceiling began, they just mixed together forming this white blob surrounding me in a suffocating manner. What was going on?

My head ached and as I lifted my arm to rub my temples and clear my clouded thoughts, I almost gasped. My arm felt like nothing, but at the same time there was this strange numbness when I moved it. When I wiggled my fingers I could practically feel my eyes grow five times their normal size. It was like my fingers were there. . .but they felt weightless. Everything felt different, and I tried to steady my breathing before I had a panic attack.

I still couldn't focus on any one thought. It was just a jumble of my feelings and flashes of pictures that I couldn't interpret. My emotions were all over the place and I almost felt like everything that was happening was drug induced. Almost like the one time I had a concussion in gym class and I was fed drugs through a tube in my veins.

The thought made me paranoid and I finally looked down at myself, my head spinning from the movement. I didn't really know how to register what I saw, but as my head became more clear I could focus on the fact that I was dressed in a thin white dress that clung to my body a little too tight for my liking.

Finally my brain had the sense to wonder where the hell I was? I swallowed a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball, I sat up and looked around.

Nothing. That's what I felt like I was looking at. Nothing. The room was utterly white from head to toe and the only thing in the room was the narrow bed I had woken up on. Even the bed was white. . .white mattress,white sheets, white blanket. I put a shaky hand on my upset stomach to stop myself from retching all over the, you guessed it, white floors.

I felt so trapped and my eyes rapidly searched for an exit.

My eyes settled on the slightest outline of a door to the far right, and I hopped off the bed. I didn't make it too far though, as I came to a standstill. I was so dizzy that the room began to spin in a nauseating circle. I grabbed for the bed to center myself.

How long had I been asleep to make me like this?  As I held onto the bed so tightly that the palm of my hands ached, I tried to figure everything out. 

Where was why? What happened to me? How did I get here? Am I in a hospital? No, I couldn't possibly be, this was unlike any hospital I've ever been to. This had to be a joke! No, even better. . .this was a dream!

I almost sighed with relief. I pinched my arm and shouted at myself mentally, "Wake up! Wake up already! You know this isn't real!" But nothing happened. I waited for what felt like minutes, maybe hours for myself to float out of this nightmare and into the real world where I would wake up in my stuffy room, with Percy, my cat, tucked into a snug ball of fluff at the end of my bed. But nothing happened.

I finally let go of the bed, able to stand on my feet without support. I walked what felt like a mile to the end of the room. Up close I could see the white doorknob blending in perfectly. I licked my dry lips and grabbed for the knob.

Just then the door opened in my face, as a  burly man with a balding head and ice colored eyes stepped in. I couldn't help myself, I shrieked loudly, falling back tripping on nothing but air and landing on the ground roughly.

But I never peeled my gaze away from the man who's eyes tore right through me. "Who are you?" I asked through gritted teeth. It was supposed to sound menacing, but it was just as about menacing as the dust collecting under my couch at home. 

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