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Renesme (A continuation of the Twilight Series)



 If you like Twilight, you will like this book. It's about Renesme. If I have unintentionally changed anything (such as location, spelling of names, and names in general) please let me know through a comment. Thanks for reading! <3

¬© All Characters, Names, and Settings from, mentioned, or created by Stephanie Meyer are property of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight Series¬©. No copyright infringement intended.


Renesme POV

I waltzed down stairs to the table and smiled at my Grandmother Esme. "Good morning Renesme." She welcomed me in her soft motherly voice. She smiled as she embraced me. "What were you up to last night?" She asked casually as she walked back to the stove to flip breakfast. "Daddy gave me a piano lesson." I couldn't help grinning proudly as I said it. She turned to me with her eyes wide, and I all ready knew what she was going to say before she said it. "Of course I'll play for you Grandma." I answered her unasked request. The loving smile that appeared on her face was priceless to me, and I knew I would cherish it for the rest of eternity.


I walked to the piano and played the song I was best at, my mothers lullaby. If Esme could, there would be tears in her eyes. When I was finished the song, she appeared behind me embracing me in a comfy hug. "That was beautiful dear." She whispered in my hair. I leaned into the hug, "I love you Grandma." She smiled. "I love you too." She then took the liberty of dragging me to the table and serving me pancakes. I grimaced on the first bite as always, but then enjoyed them. "Thank You." I said politely when I was finished. As she took my plate, I realised how quiet it was. "Where is everyone?" I asked. Surely I would have heard uncle Emmett poking fun at someone by now. "Hunting." She smiled warmly. 

"May we join-" 

"Of course dear," she answered before I could finish. You go get dressed." Me and grandma had a connection. We always were aware of what the others next move would be. I ran up the stairs at an inhumanly speed. Sometimes knowing that humans, even if being able to hear our conversation, couldn't possibly know what was being said (because we talk so fast) comforts me. I'm the newest in the family now, and I sometimes mess up more than the others.  I smiled despite this thought, I like being a vampire. I was back downstairs within half a minute. "All right sweetie let's go find your mum and dad." 


As soon as we were outside we were off through the woods. I was slightly slower than my Grandma, but she ran at the same pace as me so we could talk. We soon reached where our family was hunting. I wished my family goodmorning. My mother and father approached me to say goodmorning properly. "Good morning darling." My father said, scooping me into his arms. "Morning Daddy!" I grinned at my mother as she too embraced me in a hug. "Morning sweetie." She brushed my hair out of my face and kissed my forehead. I greeted my aunts and uncles in the same manner. When I came to Auntie Alice I was all most squished. "I have a surprise for you later!" She squeiled excitedly. Thats Aunt Alice for you, always ahead of the rest of us.


Soon after goodmornings were said, I was in pursuit of a deer. Despite just eating, I was hungry again. I raced after it through the trees at a leisurely pace, knowing it didn't have a chance anyways. As I was about to pounce, I stopped in my tracks smelling something better. Human, I turned and ran towards the smell before I could stop myself. 


"Stop Renesme! You can't eat the human! Think of Mom, Dad, Godmother Rose, and Godfather Emmett, and Auntie Alice, And Uncle Jasper! Think of grandma and GRANDPA!" Grandpa, the thought of Grandpa alone did it. Having Mom, Dad and Grandpa disappointed in me, It made me feel more awful than  ever had. I stopped in my tracks torn. In an instant my dad was there in front of me. I hissed unintentionally, and then realized what I had done. "Daddy." I cried. He opened his arms. "I don't want to be a monster." I sobbed. With that I jumped into his arms and he ran in the other direction as fast as he could.


When we got back to the clearing I refused to show my face, knowing what I had done. I could feel everyone looking at me in what I thought felt like pity. Uncle Jasper tried to help, but I blocked him out. I got that from my mom. Dad tried to put me down but I had an iron grip around his neck. It took him and mom to get me to let go and once they did that I curled up on the ground refusing to show my face. "Honey we're so proud of you." My mother praised me. I knew I didn't deserve praise. "I'm a monster." I whispered. I realised after that all of them heard me, and I felt bad for a moment because we were all the same. "No honey, you stopped yourself! It takes amazing strength to do that." I ignored her, still feeling nothing but despair. 

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