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One Direction Dirty One-shots/Imagines


(Your POV)

I sighed happily. This was the most relaxed I have been since going on tour with Niall and the boys.

The screaming girls made me deaf.

I shuddered on the thought of more screaming.

“Are you feeling cold, lying on a beach-chair on a sunny beach?” Niall asked me incredulously, as I heard waves crashing on the sand.

 I turned my head to face him. “Nope, just remembered something.”

We were alone at this private beach, and there was a nice little shack behind us, with a few workers. This was a little break Niall got from tour, and we decided to relax on the beach.

Niall was wearing his dark blue trunks, and I could see his hard toned chest. I could stare at it all day long, I think.

He grinned. “Like that spider Louis threw on you?”

I shuddered again. That was a very horrible memory. Niall chuckled now.

“How can you be scared of spiders?” Niall asked, still chuckling.

“How can you be scared of the world losing all its food?” I retorted, referring to when he had a nightmare that all the food on earth finished and he woke up crying.

He scowled a little while I laughed. He soon started laughing with me though. He can never resist laughing. He’s my cute little laughing leprechaun.

 “What would you guys like for drinks?” A beach-boy came up to us and asked.

“I’d like a fresh lime soda.” Niall said.

“And I’d like…” I wondered aloud, “Sex on the beach.”

“Oh, you would?” Niall raised one eyebrow at me and smirked.

“The drink you cute little pervert.” I rolled my eyes. The guy shook his head and walked off. Well you can’t blame a new couple for all the flirting.

“You know, it’s not a bad idea.” Niall grinned after a few seconds of silence.

“You think?” I smirked back.

“Oh yeah, I totally do…” Niall said, eyeing my body up and down. It felt great to know that he couldn’t keep his eyes off me as soon as I wore this bikini. I have to thank Harry for his choice.

Niall stood up from his chair and climbed on top off me, his blue eyes of a darker shade now.

“But what if I don’t like the idea?” I asked him as I felt his hot breathe on my lips, my eyes already fluttered close.

“Then… you’d just… have to… shut up and… let me do the work.” Niall said, pausing as I tried to connect our lips and he pulled back again and again.

“Then do your work.” I whispered against his lips and then he crashed his lips on mine.

I tangled my hands in his messy blonde hair and savored his soft lips, while his hands roamed all over my body. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, making it a French kiss, with our tongues massaging each other roughly.

“Ahem ahem.” Some cleared their throat. I opened my eyes to see the guy staring at us with our drinks in his hands.

Niall just sat up and told him to keep them on the table and asked him to keep the coast clear for a while, handing him a fifty dollar bill.

“It’d be all clear for an hour. That should be enough for you guys.” He said and walked away.

As soon as the whole beach was empty, Niall pulled me on top of his lap, kissing me, and squeezed my ass, making me gasp into his mouth.

I could feel his boner against my stomach, as I got hotter and wetter by the second.

My nails dug into his back as he messed with my clit from my bikini bottom.

“Niall…” I moaned, palming his crotch with my right hand.

“Someone seems a little excited.” He mumbled against my neck, which he was sucking on, referring to how wet I was.

“I could… say exactly the same!” I said referring to his boner, but screamed in the end as he bit hard into my neck.

He played with my breasts for a while, while I enjoyed the feel of his hands through my top.

“Niall, stop teasing now…” I moaned, as he messed with my clit again.

He pulled back and we both looked at each other’s excited and lustful bodies, and then he literally ripped my clothes off and took his boxers off, pulling me off the seat and lifting me up. In response I wrapped my legs around his waist, and we both groaned as our crotches rubbed together.

I was so excited, my inside were aching for him. He walked a few steps, his lips never leaving mine, and then stopped at the edge of the sea.

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Sex on the Beach ~Niall


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