If Loving u is wrong.....(A Princeton Love Story)


Holaa im still upp -__- Goshh i cant sleepp yo foreal :) its all good tho.


~I dont feel like writing about them in school so like its summer now :) Lets just say its friday and it was the last day of schoool :D im so lazy. HeHeee~

Since it was the last day of school Jacob decided to have a party. My mom went on a important buisness trip all the way in the Uk (I dont kno dont ask). Hella Alot of people came and like filled my house. Their was like 18, 19 year olds their aswell, Including Jacob's girl -_- and she's 16 like cynthia tho. I decided to put on a sexay outfit cause i wanted to meet boys, I still wanted to date regardless if i LOVED mii brother. When i went downstairs, It was LOUD like it was loud upstairs but it was even louder down there. Reggae Was playin and alot of people were twerkin and what not. I saw jacob and his girlfriend twerkin and all up on eachother. Cynthia and this dude was twerkin to, My sis betta go! ayy. Then Rayon comes up to me, witch is jacob's best guy friend. "Hey Angie" He says close up to me. "Hi..". "You wanna Twerk." He says yelling over the loud music. I nod then we go and start twerkin. Ay Ladies start playing and i heard alot of "Ayy's" & "Dis is my song!" :P. Me and ray were goin hardcore Inthiizone Twerkin. Then he led me upstairs to my room. "My eardrums busted like wat the fuck!" We both started laughing.We both sit on my bed and we laugh and talk and laugh..and talk...then we finally start making out. (Yes with tongue ;) and Mind u dis nigga 18) I get ontop of him and then he starts taking off my clothes. I was tooo busy lost in are kiss that i didint really care, I was in my bra and panties and he was only in his boxers, I think its about to go down ;).

Jacob's Point Of View <_<

While me and Dana (My gf) Was twerkin i realized i didint see Angie anymore. There was so much fuckin people, I couldent see where she is. I also didint see ray, I saw them talking then i look away for a min then i dont see them..wtf. "Babe i'll be right back" I say going up my stairs. When i got up i heard mad moaning and shit O_o. I open angie's door and see her and ray fucking eachother. "ANGIE!"I yell they both stop. "Oh shit" Rayon says. They cover themselves with the cover looking at me shocked. "What da'Fuq nigga! Why you fuckin my sister! Shes only 15 man!" I yell. I wanted to punch this nigga in the face."Im sorry dude...I didint know" Rayon says. "Get the fuck outta here!!" He picks up his boxers and puts them on under the covers then puts on the rest of his clothes standing up then he leaves. "What the fuck is your problem angie?!" I yell. She looks at me all Innocent and shit. "Why do you care jacob? Its my life i can do what i want!" she says. Cynthia comes up the stairs now in her room. "What happen?" . "Her and rayon were having sex!" I say . Its was an akward pause until cynthia breaks the silence. "WHAT!? How old is he!! Was it good?" She says . "This isint funny! He's 18! like what the hell!" I yell at the fact NO ONES taking me serious. "18!  whoa then girl it must of been good" Cynthia says laughing. I push her out and close the door and lock it in her face -__- i had no time for games, She banged on it for a while then just gave up and went downstairs. ..........................................................." Jacob you dont need to lecture me cause i dont care really." Angie says Putting back on her clothes."But he's my friend..and he's way to old for you!". "I dont fuckin care!" She yells. "If i want to have sex with an 18 year old then...im gonna do it, Stay mad" . "Whatever do what you want angie i dont care anymore."I say walking out. I dont know why but i feel jealous...Am i falling for her ?


Whoaa i think this Chap was kindaa cray :D wat do u think? if u even comment -__- :p

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Angie Perezas Main Charecter
Cynthia Perezas Herself
Princetonas Jacob Perez
Ray Rayas Rayon (Dont kno if thats his real name)
Roc Royalas Trey (Dont kno if thats his real name)

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