My Online Crush Is My High School Bully


DeadInside: Actually... it was a good day[:

DorkyLee: Oh well that's good to hear! :D

DeadInside: How was your day?

DorkyLee: It was okay, I guess. My dad's having this party thing for family and friends. He said I can invite anyone. So... I thought maybe I should invite you?

I bit my lip. What should I say? I looked at the comment. DeadInside: Well, maybe another time.

The next day, I was at school and I had detention again. But in science, my teacher announced that there will be a field trip next week. We'll be going to six flags. Again? I asked myself. ugh, we went last year. They should have something more interesting. Though the other people were excited.

"So, I will be grouping you with a partner. I'm deciding to do a different way this year. All of you shoukd know each other and you don't. You've been in school for 4 years already and with the same people. Some of you act like you just transfered into another school. I'm going to partner you up with someone you might not wanna be with but you have to." she took out a sheet and read the names. I was waiting for her to call my name and she did; "...and Cassie and Liam."

I looked up. No freaking way. I have to be with Liam for a whole day? Alone? Liam looked at me and then turned his head away. His buddy that was sitting next to him punched him in the arm and smirked. Liam rolled his eyes and I heard him say loud enough so everyone else can hear, "Ugh I can't believe I'm stuck with an ugly dork."

My heart just fell into my stomach. The teacher wasn't here because she's talking to another teacher outside the hall. Everyone laughed. Yeah, everyone!

"Excuse me?" I said.

Liam turned his head, "Ew, what's your name again? Casper?" Then people laughed again.

I rolled my eyes. Yeah he makes everyone laugh at me. Then he said, "Why do you always wear the same clothes? You got no money or somthing? My father's a millionare and I'm sure he'll give me a couple of bucks to give to the shelter you live at. But..." he smirked, "I only help pretty people. So since you're ugly and a loner, I don't really give a fuck about you."

I gritted my teeth and grabbed my bag. I got up and went up to him, "Screw you." I walked away and then I heard Liam's friend holler and laugh. The teacher would have noticed if she wasn't in such a deep consversation. I didn't cry this time. I was too pisses. I decided to go home. Yeah, you can do that in this school. Seriously, if you ever feel like leaving, just leave. I walked out the school and then I looked for my car. It wasn't in its usual car spot. I looked around again and found it.

I walked up to it and it was different. The dent in the back wasn't there anymore, neither was the paint. The rims were changed and the truck was shiney. My mouth opened wide. He fixed my car? But when? How? What the hell? Wow... it looks new. I smiled and I almost forgot about what Liam said but I didn't. I was still upset but then confused.

Why does he act up like that? I shook my head and headed home.

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