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Blue Revolution: The Cursed



“The Blue Revolution?”

It was the human boy who had spoken; a rather plain looking, blond young man with a vulgar accent. He had a rather long nose, and his fair eyebrows seemed bony under the faint blue light.

“We are not getting them involved,” started the prince, his voice hissing as he glared at Karsian.

Wind was in a very, very bad mood.

And the fact that Rosemary Rubberier was standing right in front of him; and he couldn’t ask her anything about the book wasn’t really helping. Karsian had insisted just before leaving for the two humans that he wasn’t allowed to mention the book or ask about the contents, or he would leave the Blue Revolution.

And if Karsian, who wasn’t supposed to be part of any sort of organization in the first place, left the Revolution, Wind honestly didn’t know how it would survive. After all, Karsian was the one who had received all the data sent by Alpha before he had disappeared, and wasn’t planning on sharing it with anyone any time soon.

So he simply stood there sulking like a little spoiled prince, wondering why Rosemary had such a bizarre hair color for a human.

“They got involved the moment they saw that corpse-“ Karsian stated

“And that is far as they are going, and I don’t even care if Alpha wants them involved,” he paused, taking in a shaky breath as he tried ot control his anger, “They are mere humans!”

“And what exactly are you?” Rosemary enquired, glaring harder than ever in his direction. Just then Wind realized that he wasn't wearing the disguising charm that Karsian had conjured up for him, the one that made him also look like one of them.

He reached inside his pocket, searching for that very charm, locked it, causing his original appearance vanish from his skin. His ears shrunk and his faintly tanned skin softned around his midnight black eyes. The only thing that didn’t change was his hair, which still remained the same cold paper white.

The two humans took him in without managing to hide their surprise.

“Now that you are aware of the fact that I am not like you; I am getting out of here before this conversation get’s even more ridiculous,” He spat this at both of them, but most of his words were directed at Rosemary. There was something about her that irked him.

She had a proud personality that only reminded him of himself. And as he stormed out of the night club he could hear her hiss and swear about him. Drustains didn’t have longer ears for nothing. Though it had been proved that female ears were more sensitive, his own pair were definitely much more superior to human ones.

The pleasant cold air greeted him as he stepped outside, and he felt his contract with his element strengthen under this temperature. People seemed to believe that drustains from Zorion couldn’t feel “cold”, but that was a bundle of garbage. They most definitely could feel cold, but instead of it being painful, it almost had a warming effect on them. It was without a doubt very difficult to explain to an outsider.

Thoughts of Zorion came to his mind, his vast country of crystal hills and palaces. The large royal family and its many extravaganzas had always managed to impress the population of the frozen island, but just as he thought of the many celebrations and parties, he remembered one particular night he had been absent. That very night four years ago; the night the ice had melted.


Rosemary skipped classes once again, deciding to sleep all morning in her dorm room. She had received permission from the headmaster after what had happened the previous night, so at least she knew that the dorm guard wouldn’t be knocking on her door this morning.

Her eyes danced lazily around her room at twelve o’clock. She had been planning on sleeping a little longer, but once she had awoken there was no way for her to slumber again. And not now, with her thousands of questions pouring into her mind.

After the freak Wind had taken his leave, Karsian had also excused them, but still offered to ride them back to school. Rosemary’s previous enlightenment, of searching for a trail of blood on the ice rink that could prove that it had been in fact a murder had faded from her mind.

Someone had bribed the police.

It was frightening in many ways. Not that she had ever been a big supporter of the armed forces, but if they weren’t going to protect the people, who would? In her eyes a police officer was a morally obsessed individual who sought justice and rightness at all times. She had been clearly mistaken if that same idealized officer had now sold his services for money.

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Benedict Cumberbatchas Graince
Tom Hiddlestonas Karsian
Tom Feltonas Wind Frur

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