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Met In The Middle Of Nowhere! [under editing]


Alansa's POV: 

Its been a whole week since I returned to LA, nothings been going right, nothing at all. I tried moving on  a lot, I tried doing everything to forget Harry but I can't I just can't. I looked at Kelly who was argueing with someone on her phone. I saw her massage her temple before walking over to me. 


"Alansa, I've gotta tell you something" Kelly said 

"What?" I asked her 

"It's about Harry" Kelly exclaimed 

"I don't wanna hear it Kels, I've been trying to forget him and with you talking about him isn't gonna help at all" I replied crossing my arms 


To be honset, I feel like all my feeling for Harry was slowly getting even deeper, I don't know how, maybe it's just because of what I read about him in the magazine, that he was seen with another girl at the club. Maybe he's moved on, maybe he forgot about me, but I still love him and always will, I will never stop loving him. 


"He's moved on" Kelly said "That's what I'm hearing" 

"That's good" I lied "I wanted him to move on" 

"But that's not my point, I mean if he moved on, management thinks you should move on to" Kelly rested a hand on my shoulder 

"What!" I yelled "Before managment wanted me to be single now they want me to get a boyfriend, oh no way!" 

"Alansa this is what we call hollywood" Kelly explained to me "It's about the fame, money, and most of all, acting liek you get get anyone, anything"

"Do I have to? And how will I get one, not like there is a guy who likes me out here in the industry" I said rolling my eyes 

"Well there is" Kelly said 

"I don't wanna know who it is and you know why?" I said feeling tears fighting to come out of my eyes which the outcome would be a waterfall made up of tears, I didn't wanna cry 'cause that's all I've been doing for the past week. "Because I still love him Kelly!" 

"Well you can't keep crying over Harry like this darling, you gotta learn how to move on, it's never gonna work if you keep mopping around like this, please do this for me, maybe it will get you to forget Harry" She exclaimed while I started to sob 

"I miss him Kelly, I can't move on, It hurts to even think of doing that, I love him to much to do that" I said and fell to the ground covering my face with my hands as I cried  


I felt Kelly pulled me back up and into a hug, I cried on her shoulder for I don't know how long. I pulled away and ran upto my room, I checked my phone as it read 'Messge' I picked up my phone from the night stand and slidthe arrow thing at the bottom putting my password in before reading the messege, it read: 


From:Louis Tomlinson THE BEAST ;) 

Hey Al, HOW COME I JUST GOT TO KNOW THAT YOUR IN LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that to by the news, Why did you leave Alansa, I miss you, we all miss you, Harry's currently sobbing like a five years old, come back please! We need you here, and Eleanor even Danielle and Katie miss you a lot, please come back! Everyones a mess right now.


I felt my heart rip into peices as I read that messge, 



To: Louis Tomlinson THE BEAST ;) 

I'm sorry I didn't tell you or any of the boys, it just happened to fast and I even miss you! I miss you all, and tell Harry to move on it's for the best, and I'm not hurting any less Lou I miss him to a lot, I love him to death, but I can't come back, I'm sorry and tell Eleanor, Danielle and Katie I miss them both to a lot. Always remember I love you all, every one of you esspecially Harry.



I felt another salty tear roll done my cheek as I pressed sent. I wiped my tears as I saw someone knock on my bedroom door. I pulled myself together before getting up and opening the door to see Usher standing there. 


"Hey baby girl, Kelly told me you were up in your bedroom so I came here" Usher said comign into my room 

"Hey wuts up Usher?" I asked 

"I love your accent" Usher laughed as I rolled my eyes "I came here to tell you that I'm having a party tomorrow night you better come" 

"Wouldn't miss it for anything" I laughed as I hugged Usher


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