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"Spoiled Brat" &The alpha.



Waking up this morning. The typical morning. I drove my baby in school. Went to go meet up with the rest of the group. "Sup man." Jack my beta yells at me. "Ready to meet the new girl miss.spoiled brat?" Adam said. "You mean one of my soon to be new toys?" I said with a smirk. I need a new toy all the ones I already have are getting boring. " I feel bad for the new girl and whats coming to her." Matt another one of my friend says laughing with his crazy red hair flying everywhere. We walked to the office to ask Bill was up with her and where is her locker. See, being soon to be Alpha people listen to you. " Hey Bill, new girl was up with her?" I asked him. "Shes kind and ..... he trailed off. "Well, she wasn't like I expected her to be by the way you guys described her." Bill never really could getting to the point. "Just give us her locker number."  I said kind of annoyed. "102" We walked off people moving out of our way. They know not to mess with us, we are the schools bad asses. Fresh flowers mixed with lavender and rain. I sniffed the air to locate the sent that had my wolf going crazy! I saw a beautiful no, breath taking girl with her back facing me and the sent is coming from her. I saw he rusty-red-brown hair fell on her lower back. I had a strong urge to run my fingers through the soft looking waves. Those long lean leg I wanted wrapped around my waist. Her plump and round perfectly fit ass. That looks perfectly made for my hands to grab. 'MATE' my wolf howled in pure joy. 'MATE MATE MATE'. Holy shit! I found my mate. I never not wanted my mate. I have mixed feelings about mates. My father says mates your over half gives you feeling and sensations that no other person could ever compare to. I wanted to meet my other half, and experience these 'sensations'. But I don't want to be tied down I'm a player damn proud of it and want to keep it that away. 'Shes ours. We need her, I never want anybody but her.'  My wolf is going crazier and harder to keep control he wanted to see her face.  'If I don't want her?' my wolf was hurt the thought of not having her. I didn't even notice she turned around. She looked at me up and down. She likes what she sees. . . smart girl. I did the same. Her small waist and not to big not to small just right breast. I was drooling over her curves. My heart stopped those lips. Lips naturally ruby red. I could kiss them all day and it wouldn't be enough. Cute button nose, high check bones with a natural pink on them. She doesn't wear makeup? But shes a girl. Don't they all wear makeup? She doesn't even have that shiny crap on her lips uh..'lip gloss'. She doesn't any need any of makeup. Then I met her eyes. I was in a trance of her blue-gray eyes. Pulling me in she had me wrapped around her finger. Her eyes had some hints of sliver in them my favorite color. I wanted to be everything for this girl. Anything she needs. Make her happy. Rip every skin cell molecule by molecule, break every bone who dares makes her cry. Don't get me started on what will I do if any guy tried any moves on my girl. This girl is the new girl, Miss.Soiled brat! The brat is my mate. This is ... is..... Bull! Fate is cruel. I cant have a self absorbed mate. She needs to think about the pack! My soon be pack. She doesn't have pack Luna potential. My wolf was howling in pain because he knows I don't like my mate. ' you don't even know her!' Tuned my wolf out. Whatever I just need to tell her who's boss and she cant buy people. This is my school-my pack[basically] she can't waltz in her and expect everything on a sliver platter. 

" I'm Axel Knight. I run this school."  I told her so she knows her place. Why did she have to so beautiful?! My friends moved closer so she wouldn't leave. My wolf didn't like all the guys around her. But I ignored him and continued.  "Like I said I run this school everything I say goes. So don't be getting in my way alright new girl?" I got nothing. No emotion from her, just blank expression. What the hell is wrong! Is she ok? Did I yell too much? Did I come on too strong? What is she too good to speak to us! I pushed one more time.  "What new girl cat got your tongue?" Again Nada!   'S L A M'   I slamed her locked closed to get her attention.  "New girl weren't you listening anything to what I saying?!"   I felt stupid she had her ipod on the whole time! She ignored us. Somehow that hurt knowing our mate ignored us. UH! I sound like a sissy!  " Look Axel Knight thank-you so much for the warm welcome-her voice even with her sarcasm it was like a personal lullaby to me-but I really don't care who you are, I have to get to class."  What's wrong with this chick?! My charm doesn't work on her?   "New girl you don't know who I am?!"    Yes I was yelling she gets under my skin.  "Of course I do, your the 'ALL MIGHTY' Axel Knight." I heard her overly dramatic tone.  "New girl!" HOLY MOSSES! She is so.......UHH and she keeps her voice sweet and clam. Ticks me off even more.  "AXEL" She's mocking me. ME. "Didn't Mommy teach you any manners." Adam said. Before I could  Adam to shut it, his face was pushed into the lockers she had his arm and twisted it. Making him wince in pain. Shocked was an understatement. My wolf wanted to come out ' let me have control I'll teach him not to speak to our mate like that.' I pushed him down.  " Don't you dare talk about my famiy. Ever again- I saw Adam flinch her voice full of hatred.-"That goes for all of you"-She look at each of us in the eyes. Her cold stare made my body shiver. "You can say whatever you like about me I don't care. But you say something about my family I will have you on the ground screaming bloody murder before you can even blink! Now Axel, I get it you run the school I couldn't give 2 shits." Normally I would pissed off by the way she talked to me. But I was turned on. Damn she looked so sexy when she was mad. Next thing you know she threw quick punches at Adams legs. She stormed off. 'GO TO HER!' my wolf was screaming worried about her. I pushed him a side and went to Adam. "Crazy Bitch!" Adam said made me growl. They all looked at me wide eyed. I brushed it off. "You alright?" Matt asked. "I can't feel my legs. How did she do that? She Crazy!! Take a freaking joke up the ass!!" Adam yelled pist off. "Yo man, you need to relax."Nick said. Adam took deep breaths and calmed down. Me and Jack held Adam up. He tried to walk but hit the floor face first. We all busted up laughing. But Adam. "Your going to regret this!" he yelled his voice ringing in my ears. "Lets take him to the packs doctor, Jack tell him to meet us at the house." I said. We dragged Adam to the car and drove off. I couldn't get her voice, sent, face and those eyes out of my mind. 

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