Bulls In the Bronx (Pierce the Veil) (Editing)


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"Um, I'll pass." I reply.

Grace nods and grabs her bag, and glances at Jack.

"Well, let's go." Jack says and looks down at me, "Hope you feel better."

Then, they head out.

Dad comes in with a glass of water and pills.

"By the way, I contacted that band you like.. Praise the Bail?" He says unsure.

I laugh, "Pierce the Veil." I correct.

He chuckles, "Yeah, and I spoke to them and thanked them about everything."

I smiled.


I sighed and looked at Dad, "Imma head upstairs." I said and stood up from my feet. I swallowed the pills and drunk almost half of the water. "OK," He smiled. "Um, Dad... I'm head to LA. Probably next week for sure? Or this week?" I trailed off, unsure. He nodded, "Let me now," 

I walked upstairs and entered my room. I had to buy some plane tickets back home. So that's what I did for the night. 


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 “A girl I used to date once told me that her parents neglected her as a child. She remembered climbing this tree in her backyard and hiding from them just to see if they would look for her, or even notice that she was gone. I always thought it was such a sad story and I wrote this song for her. It also talks about the ups and downs in the relationship we’ve had recently.” - Vic Fuentes explaining the meaning behind ‘Hold On til May'

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Hold On Till May II


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