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By: AngelsRayne

This is my first story on wattpad so please be gentle. I am officially writing this for my sister, who read my Idea Journal and demanded that I continue this one. So let's give it a whirl!

Chapter 1

It's been almost ten years since the Mythical Beings revealed themselves to the humans. Things have calmed down quite a bit now. After the denial, the riots, and the general chaos that ensued during the time of the reveal, came acceptance.

She was six during that first year and lost both her parents in the largest and most devastating of the riots with 132 beings dead in total. The strange death ratio of Humans to Mythical Beings gave the riot the name they now used in our history books. The Fifty-fifty Riot of Seattle was the turning point. After so many deaths the peace talks began. Too late if you asked Rebecca Monarch, but then who cared what a little six year old orphaned were-girl thought anyway?

No one came forward to claim Rebecca. Her parents were her only family as far as anyone could find. The State didn't know what to do with her so they sent her to St. Vincent's Orphanage. Where they send all the children they are unable to place in foster homes for one reason or another.

Rebecca has been at St. Vincent's for the past ten years and it looks like she's going to stay there until her seventeenth birthday. They have never had a Mythical Being join their Future Parents Night and it seems they never will. She doesn't mind that much anymore. Human parents tend to get freaked out by her anyway. Becca's good with the other children though, and is happy to help and try to stay out of trouble.

* * *

“Rebecca? Rebecca are you paying attention?” Sister Clare asked her. Rebecca snapped out of her daze and shook her head. She'd been daydreaming about her parents.

“Sorry Sister Clare. What were you saying?” She finally replied.

Sister Clare sighed "Since you weren't paying attention, please stand up and try to solve the three problems on the board."

"Sure Sister Clare." Becca stood up and went to the front of the class. Most people would think that Sister Clare was one of those cruel teachers for making her students go to the front of the class to solve problems, but she's actually a great teacher. Her one pet peeve is when people don't pay attention, though she isn't mean about it. Sister Clare has those she catches spacing out solve the problems so she can go over them step-by-step when they get them wrong. This usually doesn't work on Becca though.

Rebecca finished the third equation correctly and turned back to face the class. "Very good Rebecca. Will you please help out some of the others who don't quite understand yet?" Becca nodded and Sister Clare turned to the rest of the class. "If you need any help with the problems on page 241 please raise your hand up as I go around. Those who do understand please turn to those with their hands up."

Rebecca started going around to the other students. Helping out others like this was pretty common in Sister Clare's class. Math was the last class of the day, and when the bell rang everyone bolted for the school parking lot. She got on the bus and headed back to the orphanage. She sighed, today was the fifteenth and that meant that it was Future Parents' Night. Oh joy... not.

It's not as if she didn't think it was a good program, a lot of kids had been placed in great homes due to these nights. Rebecca just didn't think it was ever going to happen for her. She'd had a couple of close calls, but they always ran when they found out she was a Were. Especially because nobody knew what Were-species she actually belongs to.

Her parents had been one of the first to register, but they only registered as Were. Rebecca has no memory of her parents ever shifting in front of her. So she was also left in the dark until her Seventeenth Birthday, which was another three months away. She couldn't wait to find out if she was a wolf, a cat, or a bear. Although try as she might, she could never picture herself as a bear.

Rebecca was five foot five inches tall, with a slim build, and very long brown hair that was the same color of the chocolate bars she occasionally got around the holidays. Her nose was small and straight. Her cherry red lips where full with the lower lip just slightly larger and she had a strong, stubborn chin. Her features fit together rather nicely if she did say so herself. Her favorite feature though where her eyes. Her wild golden colored eyes where incredible and she loved their color even though they set her apart so much. She remembered looking into her father's eyes of the same color while sitting in his lap.

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