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Molly's POV

After football practice, Annabelle and I went over to the store that was recently built around the corner, and got the supplies we needed for the brilliant prank she told me about. I know your thinking, "I thought you were thinking about how fit Niall was!" Well during the last 10 minutes, I convinced myself that he was still that fat ass 3 years ago, not a six packer with a v-line going towards his business. 

"Bye, Annabelle!" I waved as I walked up my driveway. I entered my average house and my nose was immediately filled with the delicious smell of my grandma's classic Chicken Noodle Soup. As soon as I recognized the smell, I ran into the kitchen and engulfed my grandpap and grandma in a bear hug. 

"How are you!" I exclaimed. I haven't seen my older folks in quite awhile since they had moved to London earlier in the year. I don't exactly know why, they never brought themselves to spit out the truth. I knew "We wanted a change" wasn't the correct excuse since they told me on how much they loved the peace and beauty of Mullingar a little over a month before.

They thought they could confuse me. Psh... No one out fools Molly! Well that's besides Niall of course. Thinking of Niall... didn't he say to check my Snapage about 2 hours ago? Right before my practice. 

"Well I'm gonna go upstairs and call Niall." I started to move towards the door, when my grandma squealed in delight and my grandpap clapped in what you might think as joy.

Aw crap. 

Did I really forget that they absolutely adored that little douche next door. They think we should get married and have babies. 

GROSS. Babies with Niall? Oh hell no! But I would get to touch that body again and our hair colors (brown and dirty blond) would make a good combination... 

HOLY CRAP! Did I really just consider having sex with Niall? No. No. No. Absolutely not. 

"Oh that's right! Niall's back! You should invite him over for dinner!" Her face lifted up into a smile.

Wait... they knew? They knew that this bastard with coming back and entering the school year with me in less then a week! 

"Did you say that you knew? You knew he was coming back and you didn't even warn me!" I know it's sinful to practically yell at my grandma, but this is beyond the circumstance. She knew I was broken inside for what he has done to me. I told her all my feeling from when I went into depression until the point where I wanted him out of this world and now she says that she knew he was coming home.


"Honey, settle down. I meant that his grandma was keeping me in touch and we so happened to be visiting this week. She told me to tell you, but it completely left my mind. Sorry, now  go call Niall." 

I stomped my foot like a little school girl, and left immediately. I slammed my bedroom door once I got upstairs and grabbed my laptop. I flipped open the top and within a few clicks, I saw the front page full with pictures of me "snogging the polar bear's face off." Of course everyone saw it since it came off of both Louis' and Niall's accounts which has over 5 million followers each.