Twitter Love (Louis Tomlinson)


Thank you guys so, so much for checking out my story 'Twitter Love'! Just before you start reading, i'd like you guys to know that this story is NOT real and the events and even some of the people in the story are not real (except One Direction) .

I know you guys think i'm even stupid for pointing out the obvious, but on my other fan-fic people would comment and be all like "That's not who their manager is!" and "One Direction doesn't have a girl in their band!"   Just letting you know that this story is 150% FICTION!

As you all know Louis Tomlinson actually dates Eleanor Calder in real life, and in real life i'm pretty positive that she is such a great girl. But that's in real life.  In my FICTIONAL story, however, Eleanor is not so nice. So when I make Eleanor do something completely hurtful and betray some people in the story; please know that this is just a story and I just make her out to be that way because that's the direction my story heads and I need entertaining purposes and some drama here and there.

I just thought i'd get those things out of the way before you read!

Enjoy reading the first chapter, Chapter 1-"His name is Louis Tomlinson."


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Victoria Justiceas Khloe Brooks
Ashley Bensonas Kristen
Louis Tomlinsonas himself
Niall Horanas himself
Harry Stylesas himself
Eleanor Calderas Eleanor

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