Still Fighting. - A werewolf love story -


*Warning, this was written when I was 11 and isn't very good. The grammar probably only gets worse. Read at your own risk. 

~Still Fighting~ Chapter 1.

Adley's POV.

This isn't how I wanted my life to turn out. I never wanted to be a werewolf. I didn't want to be immortal, stuck, never moving forward, never changing. Its been two months since the battle, and I haven't seen Damon since then. Things have changed, most of Damon's pack joined ours, so now Damon is just a stray. Ty and I are closer now, but part of me still yearns for my other mate. As much as I try to ignore the empty space in my heart it just seems to be growing. I feel a lot of angst towards Damon for ruining my life. Ty said it was too dangerous to have me around my family and that it would be best if I just simply 'disappear,' from the world. Now my face is everywhere, on the news, in local shop windows, on street posts and posters. Going out in public isn't really an option anymore. Ty wants to move to another town, start fresh, but I refuse to leave. Grassgrove is my home, I've lived here my whole life. Besides if we moved it would make it hard to check up on my mom and little brother Gabe. Every night I run to their house in wolf form, I watch them through the trees, just to make sure they are okay. It was difficult to seem them shed tears for me when I first 'went missing,' I wanted so badly to run out of my hiding place behind the trees and embrace them. But I didn't for their own safety. I was unstable, I would shift at random times for no reason at all. Messy said it was from all the built up anger I felt towards Damon. I had to drop out of high school as well, for multiple reasons. I wouldn't really be missing if I showed up for school everyday and I didn't want to hurt any of my classmates. Ty gave me updates on what we were learning and I would Google them, he also kept me up to date on the gossip. Jake had cleaned up his act, he got a part time job to support Amanda and the baby -which was due soon- he was taking school seriously, and rumour has it that he asked Amanda to marry him. A lot of the new wolves in our pack didn't go to school so there was always company. We gave Simon a proper funeral and buried him beside Catherine. He didn't have any other family besides us so it was a very small ceremony. In fact most of the dead wolves got buried in the clearing where the battle was fought. Ty and I never went there anymore, it held too many horrifying memories. Instead we found a new place, that we visited often. I was waiting for Ty to get home from school, we had made plans to go for a run to our new hide out. I sat on the couch, flicking mindlessly through the channels. "are you ever going to pick a channel?" asked Lynn. Shes one of the new wolves, she was tough, but very nice. She had blonde cropped hair with pink streaks, and beautiful green eyes. "oh sorry, you can pick a station," I said tossing her the remote, she caught it easily and settled on jersey shore. I sighed and got up off the couch, any other time I would have watched it but today I wasn't in the mood for drama. I walked into the kitchen and glanced at the clock, 2:46. School ended at 3 so I wouldn't have to wait much longer for Ty. I smiled and grabbed an apple from the fridge. I sat down at the table and traced the dents my nails made during my first shift. It had been one of the worst experiences of my life. I cringed at the thought of the pain I endured as my bones rearranged themselves to a new shape. Just then the door opened and Ty, Connor, Kale, Roy, Messy, Brodi and Carson walked through the door from school. Carson was Lynn's mate. He had Copper hair, and funny yellow eyes. Lynn got up off the couch and ran into his arms, they beamed at each other. Ty walked over to me and embraced me from behind, removing my hands from the dents and whispering in my ear, "I missed you," I smiled, "ready to go?" I asked. "yup," he replied popping the 'p'. He took my hand and led me out the back door. It was January now and the snow was falling softly around us. It provided a soft carpet of white, and added a sparkle to the air. We shifted and stored our clothes in the box near the door. I loved seeing Ty in wolf form when it snowed. The contrast between his black fur and the snow was breathtaking. As for me, I blended right into my surroundings, the only thing visible were my eyes. I nipped his tail playfully and he growled back. I yelped and ran for it. I was smaller than him by far, but that made me faster, although he had a bigger stride. I ran to our favourite spot, deep in the woods there was a little pond that refused to freeze over. Once we reached it we took a drink of the ice cold water. I tackled him playfully in the snow and he licked my face. I growled at him, and he let out a husky bark. I loved being with Ty, he made me feel so special. We continued playing around when I heard a twig snap. Before I knew it I was being shielded by Ty, I searched the area for a threat but I found none. I shrugged it off as an animal, and took another sip from the pond. 'Adley?' Ty sent me, 'yeah?' I sent back 'have you ever thought about having kids?'

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