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Smash! I ran off just as the brick flew threw the window to the English window, no one was in so they couldn't see me. Everyone is in a lesson or doing an exam so hopefully I won't get caught. I walked around the corner to stop any onlookers thinking I was up to no good, even though I was. I walked through the door to Geography, ten minutes late. Mr Edwards, my teacher was angry, he looked funny though. He has a vein at the side of his head and whenever he is angry it looks like it will pop out of his head. Unfortunately though it never does, it would be funny if it did though. 

"Vicky Williams! Where have you been?" he shouted pointing a ruler at me.

"Obviously not in here, and it is Victoria, thank you very much," I replied as I headed to take my seat at the back of the classroom. I threw my bag on the floor and sat down at my desk with my feet up. I pulled out my phone and texted everyone back.

"I realized you weren't in here!" he bellowed, his glasses almost falling off his crooked nose as he slammed the door.

"Well why ask then?" I replied sweetly as I put my phone back in my pocket. I caught the eyes of everyone in my class, they are used to my 'behavior' but they still find it funny. 

"You know why I asked young lady!" he shouted, throwing his ruler at me,

"Now now, no need to throw things in here! You could get taken in for that if it hit me, we wouldn't want that now would we?!" I said politely getting up to take the ruler to the front. Just as I sat back down the English teacher stormed through the door.

"This! This is the last time I will put up with your attitude! You not caring about anything you do! Messing up this school, this is our heaven, our sanctuary! You come in and mess it up every day! I will not stand for this any longer! I know it was you who threw the brick through the window! I'm not stupid! You can either admit to it or I will find a way to prove your guilty and this school is innocent! You are a little brat Victoria Williams!" she shouted. 

I laughed when she said heaven and sanctuary. Puhlease, that's why people have written in all the toilet stalls 'Call 0327549379 for a good time;)' in lipstick, this is obviously not a sanctuary.

"Oh lovely to see you too Miss Jenkins! You know to save you the trouble of proving our SANCTUARY is innocent, yes, yes it was me who threw the brick through your window! I'm sorry that the brick wanted to see the inside world! I am so sorry!" I replied. I picked my bag up and headed out the door, I knew I'd have to go to the head teachers office, might as well go by myself.

"I'll save you the trouble of sending me personally to the head, I'll go myself!" I said as I walked out the door letting it swing shut. I decided I could lighten the mood so I skipped up the steps and to the office. As I passed the Geography window, Mr Edwards and Miss Jenkins were stood at the window, I decided to show them how happy I was so I stuck my middle finger up at them. 

I walked into the office. 

"Hey buddy!" I shouted as I sat down in the chair, I realized my parents were in the room too. Mrs Hill, the head teacher was having a serious chat with them. I put my bag down and helped myself to one of the biscuits in Mrs Hill's personal biscuit barrel.

"Miss Williams, this school has put up with enough of your rude and disruptive behavior! We no longer have a place for you here," said Mrs. Hill angrily as she pushed her glasses back up her nose. 

"Oh, so I'm expelled, because an innocent brick wanted to see the inside of our school? Well that's just pointless to be honest," I said calmly, even though I knew if I get expelled from here I have to go to my Mum's school and she's a head teacher at a boarding school. 

"BRICKS CAN'T TALK!" shouted Mrs. Hill.

"Well there is no need for that!" I shouted back as I walked out her office.

"Don't bother walking into this school again! You are not welcome!" said Mrs Hill through the door as I turned the corner. 

Yes I may be a rebel but I'm dreading my parents reaction to this. 

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Josh Hutchersonas Eddie
Ashley Tisdaleas Victoria
Ashley Greeneas Kaylee
Zac Efronas Zayn
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