Chapter 1

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I sprinted off rapidly, just as the brick flew threw the window to the English room.

Hopefully, no one was in so they couldn't see me. Everyone is in a lesson or doing an exam so I shouldn't get caught. Everyone was doing exams but me, as usual. Ok, so maybe I didn't know why I did it or there wasn't an actual reason behind it apart from 'I was bored' but it was fun, nonetheless, the adrenaline of getting caught was usually what drove me to do things like this.

I walked around the corner to stop any onlookers/snitches thinking I was up to no good... even though I was. The key to causing chaos and getting away with it was not to have any accomplices or 'look outs'; there isn't many people I trust.

Half an hour later, I walked through the door to World Geography, twenty minutes late, happy that once again, I'd gotten away with my now constant mischief.

Mr Edwards, my teacher was angry to say the least; he looked funny though. He has a vein at the side of his head (a crimson sort of colour that stands out from the peach of his wrinkled skin) and whenever he is mad it looks like it will pop out of his head. Unfortunately though, it never does. It would be funny if it did though. He is a chubby man, the kind that you look at the silver wedding band on his left index finger and wonder:

1. 'how?'

2. 'why?'

3. 'what was she taking/thinking?'

4. or all of the above.

With barely any hair on his ever-growing, shiny head, those questions struck me even more as I pondered his marriage. It constantly surprises me, even though it shouldn't, how one man can wear the exact same brown suit every single day; brown trousers, tie, shoes, belt. The only thing different was an off-white shirt, nonetheless, he wore that day to day as well.

The thing about Mr Edwards though, is that although he's a rubbish teacher (and that's a compliment to the quality of how his teaching actually is), he has a sense of humor. It may be a dry, annoying sense of humor but humor all the least. It's the kind of humor that make people laugh at him instead of with him. Also, the kind that makes him humor me into thinking he is finally going to win one of our never ending arguments that occur each and every lesson. He's not.

"Vicky Williams! Where have you been?" he bellowed pointing a ruler, that looked as old as him, at me. Grudges were his weak point, he can never drop anything, especially my tardiness. Maybe i've been late a few days this week but still, he can't forgive and forget and move on at the end of the day.

"Obviously not in here, and it is Victoria, thank you very much," I replied as I headed to take my seat at the back of the classroom, putting emphasis for effect at the mention of my actual name.

I threw my dark, lacy satchel on the badly tiled floor and sat down at my desk with my feet up, thinking about the very poor job that was done when the school was refurbished three years ago. Obviously a budget job. I pulled out my phone and replied to the numerous texts from 'so-called' friends and put a packet of cigarettes on my desk, even though I didn't smoke, just for the effect of seeing his vein pop out a little more, testing it.

"I realized you weren't in here!" he yelled, going as red as his massive vein, his 70's glasses almost falling off his crooked, fat nose as he slammed the wooden door, barely on it's hinges anymore.

"Well why ask then?" I replied sweetly but sarcastically, as I put my iPhone back in my pocket. I caught the eyes, or rather grins and smirks, of everyone in my class. They are used to my 'behavior' but still find it mildly humorous.

"You know why I asked young lady!" he shouted, throwing his ruler at me this time.