This is My Spiderman Story

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  I hit whatever button I could find turning of the loudest sound I the world. Actually it's my alarm clock but when you're sleeping it sounds pretty damn loud! I rolled out of bed literally and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

    I groggily shuffled my way to my closet and picked out something comfy that I would definitely regret wearing later in the day. I walked into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I hopped downstairs and sat infront of the TV. Before I knew it I had 15 minutes left to get ready. I looked down at what I was wearing and already regretted it. I bolted upstairs turned on my hair curler, and leafed through my closet. I decided it would be a cold day so I chose my big fuzzy white sweater with grey tights and fuzzy white boots. I ran into the bathroom and curled my dark brown hair into huge curls, applied some mascara and ran downstairs. I grabbed two big pieces of celery and two pieces of bread with cream cheese then booked it out of my house as fast as I could. 

  It would probably take me ten minutes to get to school if I ran full out and it starts in five so that's not happening. Whatever it's not the first time I've been late. I slowed my pace not being in a major rush or anything. I stopped by Starbucks on the way and got a venti latte.     

  I walked into school sipping my latte and walked to class with ease. I was about forty five minutes late. I opened the door to the class and the teacher stopped mid sentence.    

  "Well hello Miss Lark how nice of you to join us!" Mrs. Cabre exclaimed sarcastically.    

  "No problem Miss it was nothing!" I yawned. The class snickered at my comment.   

    "What held you back this time? Forget to set your alarm clock?" she placed her hands on her hips.    

  "Oh nope! I just wasn't in a rush and decided to take a coffee break." I stretched up but she reached up and grabbed my latte.     

  "Oh thanks I was meaning to throw that out!" I patted her on the shoulder and walked to my seat. She approached me with a note.  

    "Maybe this'll remind you not to be late." She patted the note onto my desk. I looked at it and it read: two hours detention: Mon 20, Tues 21. Litter: Mon 20- Fri 24 lunch break.     

  " I think that a bit excessive Miss." I stated crossing my arms.     

  " Willow throughout this year if you add up all the hours you've been late you've missed three weeks of school! And that's just my class!" she yelled at me,  I just smirked.     

  " You know what! Just head to the principals office right now!" she yelled at me I grabbed my bag and trudged out of the room.  

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  "Willow you're a smart girl you should be going to class." My principal Mr. Lee stated running his hand through his his hair. "You used to get straight A's now your grades are slipping your not doing so well."

  "Sorry school just doesn't interest me anymore." I leaned back in my chair balancing it on it's back legs.

  " Willow I'm sorry to tell you this but you're causing class disruptions and you're skipping."

  " No duh!" I rolled my eyes at him

  "Not to mention you've become extremely rude! I'm going to have to suspend you for a week." he pulled out a piece of paper and started writing things down on it.

  "Whatever!" I stood up and walked out of the office.

  "You come back here young lady!" Mr. Lee yelled at me I just ran out of the school and booked it down the street.