Chapter 2: Cheyenne Middle School

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Morning came and you went downstairs for breakfast, you slightly forgot about yesterday's "ignoring thing" . So you rushed into the kitchen to eat your breakfast.

"Pancakes, [YN]?" Your mom asked you while getting the pancakes in the oven.

Your dad went after you and stood near the door while drinking his cofee. "Since we had just arrived here, classes starts tomorrow and I found a school for you." 

You can't even imagine how fast your dad found a school for you. You got many negative thoughts in your mind, like..

'Is that a better school than my school last year?'

'What if all the student in there are rude? Bullies? to be more specific!'

'What if no one likes me there?!' 

You keep on thinking about it that you did not notice that you already spilled your milk while you are pouring it to your glass.

"Awwwch! Hot! Hot! Hot!" You said while trying to cool down the spilled milk with your hands. Your mom immediately wiped the table and told you to change your clothes. After changing, you went to your dad and asked about the school.

"Dad, what is this school you're talking about?! How assure are you that it is a better school for me?" 

"My boss told me that it is a nice school. His son is in that school too. Cheyenne Middle School." Your dad said while watching this Football Game and reading a newspaper.You went upstairs to your room and this 'Cheyenne Middle School' keeps on bothering in  your mind.


The day came, you woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast.


Your mom went with you to Cheyenne Middle School.

"Here we are,sweetie. Let's go?"

"No, mom. I can manage it. I am already big enough." you said because you know you will be embarrassed if the students will see you with your mom.

"Okay but [YN], be careful okay?"


You went out of the car and went inside the school. Your principal went to talk to you and led you to your classroom.When you arrive in your classroom with your principal, the students were really quite and when they saw the principal they immediately stood up and greeted her.

"Good Morning, Principal Cheyren"

"Good Mornin'.. I would like to tell you that you will have your new classmate.." 

That was it, you got really nervous when Principal Cheyren called you to introduce yourself to your classmates..

"Uhh,I am [Your Complete Name]" 

"Okay, so she's [Yn] , she will be your newest classmate." 

Principal Cheyren was a very nice person. She's not like the other principals, who's very mean and strict.

Principal Cheyren left you with your new classmates, and you got really shy to talk to them. In other words, you felt very awkward!.Then suddenly this two girls went to you..

"Hi! I am Angel.." a girl with a short hair and was bringing a '39 Clues' book said to you with a smile.

"And I am Keisha.." a girl with white blonde hair and blue eyes said to you with a smile.

"We can be your friends in here" Keisha said while holding your hands..