Mindless Behavior's Sex Slave (COMPLETED)


Ray's POV

i grabbed her and i carried her to my room. I can't belive roc would hurt a delicate, beautiful creature such as her. i think im falling for her. i layed her on my bed and she was still crying. She wouldnt even look at me.

"why, why why" she cried and grabbed the sheats and buried her head in them

"its ok" i said rubbing her back. She flinched and moved away.

"i hate it here. i wann go home" she sobbed

"you will, im going to help you escape." i said. as soon as i said that she stopped crying

"you will?" she said

"i will" i said grabbing her hand

"why she said"

"because, Roman Malay i think i love you." i said looking her in the eyes

"you love me" she said

"i do, ever since i first saw you at the meet and great i knew you were mine" i said kissing her cheek.

"i love you too" she said.

" i need you and i will never let roc lay a finger on you" i said kissing her hand

"i never knew you felt that way" she said

"i do, and i always will" i said smiling. i leaned in to kiss her and she leaned in too. our lips connected and it felt like heaven. her lips were so soft. i reached over and put my hands in her hair. i didnt wanna touch her in anyway that would cause her to become upset. as soon as we were getting into it the door slammed open and princeton walked in.

"aye, the 17 year old virgin is getting it n for the first time" he laughed

"get out dick head" i shouted and threw my shoe at the door.

"i get it. Its not like i wanted to ask you something." and he walked out

"your still a virgin" she said

"yea, i wanna stay pure till marrage, or until you are ready" i smirked at her.

"wow. i think i found my soulmate" she said

"Me too. " i said kissing her again.

then prodigy walked in. with a girl. the one he's always with

"hey ray are you busy" he said. roman jumped off the bed and grabbed prodigy's girl


"ROMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" the other girl said in a similar british accent.

"i take it your destiny" i got off of the bed

"yes im destiny" the girl said

"what you doing here" i said to prodigy. he closed the door and we went into my soundproof office thats connected to my room and closed the door and sat down

"so what" i said

"we are planning to break out of here" destiny said. she was holding her stomache so i think shes pregnant. You couldn't see a bump or anything.

"how" i said

"we dont know. but its me, destiny, roman, you and Jae" prodigy said placing a hand on his girl's stomach. I swear they are doing the most.

"well, maybe Issa can help us" i said. issa is the security guard that hated this place.

"maybe, when are we gonna do this" i said

"i was thinking at the Incineration next week, we can sneak out while everyone is busy" Prodigy said



match bitch



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