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My Life, Dear Diary

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  Chapter Three


  “Hi Bitch,” I said walking towards Val at our lockers, that’s funny I was sure Nessie would be here.

   “Hey “Ronnie What’s up?” she asked smiling. Weird, Val never smiled on Mondays, well whatever.

“Have you seen Nessie?” I asked getting some books from my locker beside hers for the first period.

“Nope, I thought you guys were riding to school together” she replied absent mindedly, while looking for her notes.   I don’t understand why she was searching, she’s like the neatest person I know, I mean she’s got everything in a specific order and all, well, being locked up for a whole week without people and even school was affecting her.

“No, when I got to her house her mum said she already left.” I replied getting worried again. She probably noticed it cause she attempted and failed at trying to assure me that all was well.  

“Well you know Nessie she probably got distracted by a butterfly, or got lost in the schools’ garden, again.” She said smiling to herself, okay so maybe I am exaggerating this a little, Val is probably right she’s almost always right, everything is fine and I’m just stressing myself. I got back to getting the books out of my locker.  

“Hey, hey, hey” said Nessie walking up to us and I was filled with relief and then just as quick I was filled with anger, how dare she make me worried like that, I thought something was wrong. I was so furious I couldn’t even talk, Val did it for me, we knew each other so well

“Hey where were you?”  she rushed “Weren’t you supposed to ride with Ronnie to school.?” She asked again without waiting for an answer. Although she said it way nicer than I would have. She was being so weird today with the smiling and the niceness, but then again she hated seeing Nessie and I fight so I guess she was just being preventive.

“Um, yeah I was but then my dad drove me earlier, I was going to call you Ronnie but then I saw the cutest flower in the garden and I guess I got distracted, sorry” she looked at me with that apologetic look and the cutest eyes, she knew i couldn’t stay mad at her.  

“Told You” Val sang while putting her books in her Gucci handbag. I smiled at Nessie and she started getting her books out too.

“Okay let’s go to class before a cute ant on the floor distracts you” I said all trace of anger gone and a slight tease in my voice, she just scowled at me making Val laugh harder.    

“Good Morning Mrs. Baxter” we said as we walked to our seats. Max (my on and off boyfriend) winked at me on my way to my seat while the whole class sat and stared at us. I didn’t blame them, we were the puffs, they only wished they could be us in their dreams. So Max and I have a love hate relationship thing going on, we would argue so much that my puffs would tell me to dump him, but he really is a sweetheart deep down (deep, deep, deep down). We first met at a Coldplay concert (the greatest band of all time if I may add), he came with his date and he left her to get some drinks. That’s where we met; he hit on me even though he was with his date. We started a conversation and he dissed Coldplay right there in front of me, now I don’t know if you’ve heard but sometimes I can be a bitch (hard to imagine right?) well I laughed it off at first and he continued so I argued back but then he went on so I guess I kind of slapped him. He looked at me quite stunned at what I just did, I was in shock too, and I don’t go around slapping random boys despite my reputation. We were still for a few seconds and then he came towards me and I stood there ready for whatever he was going to do. But no matter how ready I thought I was, I would have never been prepared for what happened.  

He kissed me, right there in the hall and not just a little kiss either, passionate French. I was so stunned at first I didn’t even notice I was kissing him back. Well he ditched his date and left with me and the rest is history. It’s been a year since the “meeting” (that’s what we called it now) and we were still together-ish. He winked at me, my heart skipped a beat and I just had to tell someone and Nessie was already drawing the flower she got distracted by so Val was my only option.

At that moment Mrs. Baxter said something and the whole class started getting books out of their backpacks, wonderful excuse to text Val). She got out her phone and checked my message, she looked at me like I was crazy and I just blushed. Mrs. Baxter said something about texting in class and it infuriated me how dare she tell me off when Max finally noticed me.

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Denise Richardsas Valerie
Halston Sageas Nessie
Jennifer Lawrenceas Ronnie
Frankie Munizas Joe

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