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The Orphans

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The Orphans   Chapter 6


Its been about two weeks since we made the deal with Simon, and we haven’t heard a single thing from him.  I’ve just assumed that he couldn’t find enough people that want to adopt for our deal.  I mean that is a lot of families and or people to find.  The witch hasn’t dared lay a hand on any of the children; while she puts out a brave front I knew she was very fearful of me now. 



There’s an adoption coming up in about a week, all the girls are busily working to make everything perfect.  I feel the card that Simon gave me shifting around in my pocket, Jenna has been pushing me to call but I don’t think we should be bothering him.  I’ll give him about 3 more days.


*3 days later*


“Courtney if you won’t call him then I will.” Jenna threatens



“No you won’t, you don’t have the number.” I reply


All of sudden Jenna slams into me and we both end up sprawled on the ground. 




“Now I have the number.” She replies, while waving around the card that I didn’t even realize that she had taken.


I glare at her while she smirks.


“I’m not calling him.” I say with finality


“Fine, then I will.”


She picks up the phone and dials the number, while walking out of the room so I can’t stop her. Sighing I pick myself off the ground and continue to clean the kitchen. Ten minutes later Jenna comes back in.  I ignore her while she bounces on the balls of her feet waiting to relay the conversation she had with Simon. Two can play at this game; I ignore her for a good ten minutes. 


“Courtney.” She calls




















“Fine, tell me already!” I all but scream at her


She takes a big breath before talking. 


“Well he’s gathered a lot of people to adopt but he doesn’t know exactly how many.  He has a few more calls to pull in, but there the very iffy ones. Also, he and all the other people that are coming plan on attending the adoption day on Saturday.  Finally, he found out if there a less than 20 girls in a home then they shall be split into other homes, because it costs too much to fund that little amount of people/girls.”  


“65% is as low as I will go.”


“I know.”


We fall into a comfortable silence as we finish cleaning.




I stare around at the huge mass of people outside mingling with the younger girls. Simon didn’t fail to meet our expectations. Twenty-five girls have already been adopted. 25!! That must be like a record or something and its only about eleven o’clock.  Jenna and I stand off to the side making sure everything goes smoothly, helping the witch with adoption forms, and making sure there’s plenty of refreshment’s


I feel Jenna leave my side; I watch her walk over to someone. At first I don’t recognize who it is but then it clicks. Simon, he actually came to the event.    Before I get the chance to walk over there a young couple comes over and starts asking me some questions about adopting.


*Jenna’s POV* (I don’t usually write in more than one POV.)


I see Simon weaving through the crowd trying to reach us, so I leave Courtney’s side to make it easier on him. 


“What a turnout.” I say, so that I can grab his attention


Simon spins around surprised.


“Why yes, yes it is.”


“Courtney didn’t mean to make it such a hassle for you, but we really needed to get these girls adopted. There all wonderful little girls who deserve a good home and a nice family.”

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