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Captivated ✔

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Dedicated to Lullaby24441 because I just read some of her poems and I adore them,lol. :)  Go read her poetry,you won't regret it! <3


Allie's P.O.V.

There wasn't an ounce of fear left in me anymore.I knew that Seth or anyone for that matter could help me now.I knew I was going to die.I knew that...that Greg had one.If I was going out,I was giving him hell before it happened.

Dustin grinned."What's wrong? We can't be that bad."

"Where are we going?," I demanded.

"Somewhere away from them," Dustin said.

"Don't worry just yet,Allie," Greg spat."I won't kill you yet."

Yet,I thought dryly.

I laughed without humor."Worry? Why would I worry? I've put up with so much that none of this shit phases me anymore."

Greg grinned at me,looking through the rear-view mirror.I saw that evil glint in his eyes.He thought he was scarring me.I gave him a big smile and waved at the mirror with fake enthusiasm.He was caught off guard for a moment and then frowned.He stopped looking at me.I had the urge to hold my middle finger up at the mirror but I managed to contain myself.

I peaked at the driver's side door.I couldn't unlock the door from back here.I slyly pressed the unlock button but it made a noise,causing Dustin to turn his head.

"What was that?," Greg asked.

Maybe I wasn't going to die and Sam was safe with Seth so I had no worries.I hated how no matter how mad I got at Seth,I still couldn't hate him.In fact,I missed him already.I wish I hadn't made him promise to kiss me,even if it were to hurt later.I miss him.

I burst open the door and threw myself out of the moving car.They made it so much cooler in movies.Instead of rolling and then getting up in running,I fell face first and the had to roll myself over.I groaned in discomfort.My ankle felt like it had just been broken.I forced myself to stand and I heard Greg slam on the brakes,about to turn around.I had to get out of the road.

I was somewhere between a run and a limp.It was better than not being able to walk.Each step was like walking on needles with a charlie-horse in your foot.When I made it to the sidewalk,Greg nearly hit me so I fell backwards down a hill.I kept rolling and rolling until I hit the bottom.When I looked up I realized I was at a park.I heard car doors open and then shut.The headlights still lit up the park.The park got even brighter as a second pair of lights pulled up.

I jumped up and was about to run when Greg called out,"Don't you fucking move or I'll shoot her!"

I saw Seth looking at me with sincerity.Where were Sam and my dad? Was he stupid enough to come by himself? How'd he know we were here? This must have been where we were going to trade in the first place.

But who was Greg going to shoot? My eyes widened.I was being held at gun point.Suddenly,my dad came up behind Greg and knocked him straight to the ground.As soon as he was down,Sam came out from behind a tree and took down Dustin who was about to get my dad.I smiled with a little bit of relief.I jumped when I was unexpectedly embraced.

I put my hands on their chest to push back a little so I could see who it was.Which was impossible because they had their head on my shoulder.I knew it was Seth though so I relaxed.

"Allie," He said in a strained voice."Are you okay?"

I pushed him away gently."I'm fine.I just twisted my ankle," I said firmly.

Seth looked over at Sam and my dad."Stay here."

I crossed my arms.Greg or Dustin didn't seem to be getting up.Sirens pierced through the night sky.What's new? I was so use to the sound of a police siren now.Police came out of their vehicles.My mother and Sally were next to one another.My mother's face was stained with tears and worry lines.

"Allie!," She screamed.

As the police mad either way down the steep hill,Greg began ti stir and quickly jumped up.He shot incessantly in every direction.He was just throwing careless shots.Seth tackled me to the ground and blocked any bullets from hitting me.

I had no idea what was going on.No matter how much I covered my ears,the sound still made them ring.

"Sam,get down!"

A blood curdling scream ripped through the air and the bullets stopped only when the gun ran out of ammo.Everyone was one the ground.I quickly pushed Seth off and ran over to my dad who was on the ground.Blood stained his white shirt but he wasn't hurt.I noticed Sam next to him.Seth knelled beside him.Tears filled my eyes.Sam had jumped in front of my dad.

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Jessica Albaas Allie Anderson
Chace Crawfordas Seth Greene
Alex Pettyferas Dylan West
Taylor Lautneras Greg Sanders
Penn Badgleyas Dustin Billings
Zac Efronas Sam Greene

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