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Just in Time (1D fanfic)

Dedicated to

SOOO recap... last thing that happened was Kelsey made her wish then later had major pain from the dysplasia and ending up passing out!! OH NO!

SO new chapter... AND to all those lovely people who read this all i ask is a simple comment or vote just to know I'm doing something if anything right.

I dedicated this to the first person to comment on the story!

SO SO SO SO the boys will be making an appearance soon. :) lol maybe in this chapter maybe not.... we shall seee!!!



                                                 Monday    **NEXT MORNING**

                                                           **LUCY P.O.V.**

Alrighty now, Let's get this wish started. I picked up my office phone and called my cousin.


"Hey Nora!!" She hated when I used that nickname.

"LUCY!!!" She whined. :You know I hate that nickname!" See....

"I know Nora. I know"

"Nora isn't even in my name." Gosh so technical.

I simply replied "So" and we laughed it off.

"So Luc what's up?"

"Well actually Nora, This is a business call. I've been assigned a new wish. And I think it's going to be the best yet."

"Oooh. CAN I HELP!!" She shouted into the phone.

"Actually yes." I told her my plan. "But don't say anything yet. I have to it's my wish. Actually can I have your boyfriends number:? That way i can set everything up."

"Yeah sure. This is so exciting!!!."

"I know right!!" She gave me the number I needed and we said our goodbye's

"See you soon Luc!"

"Bye Nora!!!!" After I hung up the phone I dialed the number Nora gave me.

"Hello?" Said a voice.

"Hi, I'm from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. How would you like to grant a wish?"

"Come again?" He asked confused. I explained to him what the organization did and how he could help me.

"Oh! I think that is a smashing idea!"

"Great! Oh and your girlfriend is in on it too. She is my cousin so we will be keeping in touch."

He paused "..... You wouldn't happen to be Lucy would you...?"

"The one and only!" I said smiling.

"You know you could have started with that. Would have made this a lot easier."

"Eh.. Could have but i didn't.. Anyways do you think you can get every thing set up for later in the week?"

"Oh yeah sure! It'll be a piece of cake!."

"Great! Thanks so much. And i'll be checking in with nora in two days with a report. Alright then i've got to go now! Byee!!"

"Bye lucy!!"

I hung up the phone and texted Alanna, Kelsey's mom, the news.

                                                       ** Kelsey's P.O.V.**

I woke up with a massive headache and something cold and wet on my forehead.

"Mum?" I croaked. Oh god I sound like a frog jumped in my throat and died in there.

"Yes pumpkin?"

"What happened? What day is it?" I could hardly remember what happened after the pain started.

"It's Monday honey. After you passed out you got a fever. I put this cloth on your head to bring the fever down. You should be alright now hun."

"Thanks mum."

Oh and your Father came home from his work trip in England. He brought you back some more One Direction stuff and English clothes from a store called Jack Wills."

"WHAAT?!? AWESOMEE!!! But Jack Wills is so expensive.... Where is Dad?"

"He had to go to a meeting when he landed. He will be back later." I hated when me dad went on business trips. But i loved when he came home because he always managed to get One Direction stuff from where ever he was. I think my dad either stalks them or secretly knows them because he always get's signed things like shirts, shoes, CD's and other stuff that is sign. And not just signed but has like personal messages and stuff. I have a pair of white vans that the boys wrote on when my da when to Australia... Hmmm *Imaginarily strokes imaginary beard*

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Rachelle Lefevreas Kelsey Scott
Niall Horanas Niall
Louis Tomlinsomas Louis
Liam Payneas Liam
Harry Stylesas Harry
Zayn Malikas Zayn
Katie Holmesas Lucy

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