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(A/N): So here's the thing... I'm new to this stuff so please go easy on me. When I reread it I found it horribly written and extremely boring... well at first. You'll know once you get to that one part. Anyways I am probably not the best writer. Translation: I am nowhere near a gifted writer unless it involves stanzas and rhymes. Therefore, you have been warned. I am a poet not a novelist! Thank you very much. And this is a romance-comedy :) or... At least I think it will be.

THERE WILL BE VIOLENT ACTS INVOLVED WITHIN THIS CHAPTER IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE READING PLEASE LEAVE NOW. (And check out my poems.... Which are also violent. Never mind don't do that! Sigh, just read the damn chapter already.) Listen to the song on the right while reading if your up for it :)


CHAPTER ONE: Flashback

Pain, suffering, torment. It all seems the same. The world we live in today has a thing for pain... or at least mine does.

* * *

So my name's Kate and at the moment I'm 17, I have a past... well, we kind of all do. It's just that my past brought me to a somewhat easier way of living... somewhat.

It's hard for me to forget the day I ran, I found ways to maneuver around the scary things going on at home. After being beat and hit day after day, having to hide the marks at school each day with make-up and sometimes when it was really bad I went and bought tan spray-paint, a non-intoxicating one and I sprayed the hell outta my body. It didn't exactly what you would call "hide" the scars and marks, especially if it continued to happen. At first the beatings where only a simple slap, maybe a kick to the gut (Keep in mind I was in this situation for over 3 years). But over time, they gradually began to take hold of my body, breaking me to the point where I finally realized I had no control. No control over when he would snap, when his emotions would change, when he had a bad day, no control over when he decided to murder my brother in an attempt to kill me.

But that's another story...

That was before I ran and was picked up in the streets of Colorado by a secreted "safe-kill" company. Who eventually was able to teach me how to fight, how to protect myself and my mother... the only family I had left. But little did I know that every day I went back to train, every day I had to make excuses toward my mother. "Groceries... Have a project for school... Got a job offering at a library...", I didn't realize that these people held such a tight leash on me that I was completely clueless of because I finally felt free and in control. In return for saving me from starvation and my previous life, I had to kill. Kill people I didn't even know, they couldn't been innocent, they could've been guilty. I wouldn't know, I wasn't allowed to ask. They held so much control over me that I finally burst and decided to become a rebel. Sure, I still did what they said but at the same time I was becoming a delinquent, forgotten girl who roamed the streets in search of someone who cared. I just didn't realize it then. I would steal, drink, party, have sex, hell I even had a track record, the county sheriff knew my name. My mother never really gave a damn, even after we moved to get away from HIM. I was just a burden she had to take care of. Little did she know how much I was taking care of her... I love her so much that I did all these things so we could have a normal life. I did what Jacob said when he said it because I knew that if I didn't.... I would be killed, we both would be.

They weren't any better than Ralph.

I always have time to think, too much time. I don't like it. Some day's my mind goes blank and quiet but, today I have that bastard on my thoughts, Ralph.

Ralph was my mother's boyfriend. He's wasn't the greatest guy out there, a slob actually. A guy that did nothing but yell, whine and complain all day. I didn't understand what my mother saw in him at the time. It frustrated me, that I couldn't do a thing! Although, if I may say, he's one hell of an asshole.

Ralph never did a thing. The moment he came through the door he'd find me, only to yell at me to bring him a beer and some food while he enjoyed his drunken life by the T.V. Why the hell should I, or rather, why did I? What had he ever done for me? Besides build more and more of my anger up over something so small.

My mother said she loved him, I didn't understand how she could deal with that ass. Why didn't she ever do anything? Did she not see him? Kick him out, tell him to feed himself, get a job, to do something! But no, she did neither of those things. She did the complete opposite: gave him permission to be somewhat authoritative over me. He had a say in what I could or couldn't do. I don't-didn't like it at all. I went to school, I did my homework, and I have good grades. I obviously never attempted anything stupid! So why? Did mother not see him, how could you love someone like him and not even acknowledge me? I'm your daughter!

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Evangeline Lilly as Kate
Ian Somerhalderas James

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