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Meeting Ian (on hold)

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Thanks to Heath Bar, I'm still writing. Enjoy :3


I felt someone kicking my foot and I jumped back to reality. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and looked up at the young girl's face. She had curly black hair but with robin blue eyes. It was Ian's little sister. She gave me the torn up fish and the stuffing was popping out like guts.

She smiled,"I wanted to give this to you."

I took the fish in my hands and stared at it,"Thank you."

She sat down next to me and sighed,"I don't like my brother's girlfriend. She's mean."

I laughed at the 10 year old's remark and nodded in agreement,"I don't like her either."

She giggled,"She's evil like a witch. She can ruin anyone's mood like that."

I chuckled,"I couldn't agree even more."

She looked at me and smiled,"I'm Tori. You?"

I smiled warmly,"Emma but you can call me Em."

Her eyes lit up and squealed,"Really? Yay." She gave me a hug.

I froze being shocked and all. I heard someone clearing their throat and I turned my attention to Ian who was standing and watching us. He looked down at Tori and teased,"What did I say about talking to strangers?"

Tori narrowed her eyes at him and pouted,"Emma isn't a stranger. I like her unlike Natalie."

I looked at Tori bewildered. I barely know her and she likes me.

Ian sighed and motioned her to come with him,"C'mon Tori, we are going to ride the ferris wheel."

His sister got to her feet and tugged on his hand,"Can Em come with us?"

He rose a brow at her,"Em?"

I got to my feet and murmured,"No, I'm okay. Tori enjoy some time with your brother and his girlfriend."

Tori pretended to gag,"Eww Natalie. Can I pass?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Ian chuckled at Tori and ruffled her hair,"Don't say that. Let's go, Tor."

Tori sighed and gave me a quick hug,"It was nice meeting you Em. I hope to see you soon!"

She waved good bye before running off to Ian. Ian looked at me and smiled,"See ya, Em."

I waved bye to Tori and watched them leave before fishing my phone from my jean's pocket. I called Val and it kept ringing and ringing. I cursed under my breath and hung up on her. Something covered my eyes and I started to freak out. I quickly screamed and brought my elbow back to the person's stomach.

The voice grunted and dropped his hands from my face. I spun around ready to kick him in the groin when I saw his long blonde hair. I covered my mouth and watched Blake straightened up with a weak smile.

I lunged into his arms and gasped,"I'm so sorry, Blakey!"

Blake stumbled a bit but wrapped his arms around my waist. He chuckled,"I deserved it."

I smacked his chest and frowned,"I would have kicked you if I didn't realize it was you!"

He let go of me to rub his chest and acted to be hurt,"Oww, that hurt!"

I rolled my eyes and smirked, looking over at the fair. My phone started to vibrate and it caused me to giggle. It read Valerie and I picked it up while being dragged by Blake to the ferris wheel.

Val squealed blowing up with questions,"What's his name? Is he single? Does he have a hot twin?"

I kept my voice down not wanting Blake to hear my conversation with Val,"His name is Ian and no he doesn't have a twin." I paused taking a deep breath and whispered."He's going out with Nasty Nat."

Val sucked in and growled,"What? Nasty Nat! He could do so much better!"

I nodded and climbed up the stairs to the wheel with Blake. I murmured,"I'll call you back." I hung up and slid my phone back into my pocket. I took a seat next to Blake and felt his arm around my shoulders. My cheeks flushed a light pink and my eyes kept looking ahead.

Blake looked at me with a smile and murmured,"The fair looks nice during the night."

I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder,"It sure is."

A high pitched laugh, causing me to glance up. I froze seeing the golden curls of Nasty Nat and frowned. Damn, I forgot they were going to be on the ride. Great. Blake rubbed my shoulder when he noticed I stiffened.

He asked with concern in his eyes,"You okay, Em?"

I nodded, looking back down at him,"Yeah, I'm fine Blakey."

Tori looked down hearing a familar voice and squealed,"Emma!"

I groaned and looked up to see the child's lit up face,"Hey Tori."

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