Vampires. Why should I care you want to suck my blood?


(Vampires. Why should I care you want to suck my blood?)

Ok guys. I am writing this book While writing Kidnapped by Murderers. Please read. Comment and tell me if I'm good or bad at writing.

Chapter 1:

I walked out of the bar into the night sky. I looked up and was studying the sky. I could only see one cloud and the moon looked like a crescent. My eyes were adjusting to the night. I was just beginning to see the stars when a movement caught my eye. I looked over and saw the bar door open. My friend Cathy walked out.

"Hey. Are you ready to go?" I called to her.

She looked around like she was scared. I walked over to her.

"Are you ok?" I asked her.

"Who are you?" She asked scared out of her mind.

"Rose. Don't you know who I am?" I asked a little worried now.

How could she forget me? Then the thought hit me. Damon. He has taunted me for the last time. I walked away from Cathy. I walked straight into the bar. I looked everywhere. I finally saw him in the back of the bar. Kissing a girl. Why does he have to be so immature!

I walked over to him and the girl looked me up and down. I looked her up and down also. She was wearing a shirt that hardly covered anything. Her pants were not pants at all. She was a slut. Obviously.

"Who's the slut?" She asked. Damon coughed while he was laughing.

"Why are you talking about yourself?" I asked her back sarcastically.

"Bitch." She said to me.

"Thank you. I know I am." I said happily. How can she be so stupid!

I nearly forgot I needed to yell at Damon.

"Damon! I need to talk to you now!" I was basically yelling at him.

"What for?" He asked.

"What did you do Cathy?" I asked really pissed off now.

"For once I did not do a thing." He said. He really did look truthful.

"Why do I believe you?" I said questioningly.

"Because I am telling you the truth." He said matter-of-factly.

"Ugh! Then what happened to her?" I asked.

"I do not know. Let me see her." He said.

"Ok. But leave the slut." I said.

"Hey! Damon sweetie can I please come?" She asked with a puppy dog face.

"No. Not now, uh.... What's your name again?" He asked her.

"Rachel!" She yelled at him as she stomped away.

"Well excuse me if I forget every girl's name!" He yelled at her but she had already walked away.

"Your mean." I said. Punching him in the arm.

"Well it's true." He said not caring that she left.

"Alright follow me to Cathy. She was outside when I left her," I said. Hoping that she didn't walk away. I'm not in the mood to find her.

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