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From a Stalker's Point of View [BoyxBoy]


From a Stalker's Point of View 


June 11, 2012 


From a Stalker's Point of View 





Pronounced  [staw-ker] 


1. a person who pursues game, prey, or a person stealthily.  

2 .a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner: 


That is the definition straight from the dictionary... 


My definition is much different 



Pronounced [Kay-den]  


1.  that really tall guy with no boundaries, likes to call me kitten, and the absolute love of my life.  

2.  the person who harasses me every second of every minute of every hour of every day, in an aggressive, often sexual and embarrassing manor: 





I felt kayden's arms circle around my waist. 


"i have a surprise for you" he was kissing down my neck 

"what is it" 


I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck 


"its a surprise kitten" 

"but kayden" i whined 


He chuckled at me making me pout 


"fine i'm not kissing you till you tell me" 


I untangled myself from him and began walking to our room 




I ignored him and kept walking. 


I knew he'd get mad. 


"Jesse don't ignore me" he warned 


I looked over my shoulder and winked at him before running into our room. 


The bedroom door slammed open revealing my beautiful boyfriend. 


"you really want to play this game kitten" 


I bite my lip and nodded 


Kayden walked towards me slowly, i mirrored his movement. 


A small smirk appeared on his face when my back hit the wall. 


I watched him as he placed his arms on either side of my head caging me in. 


I lifted my head to meet his gaze .  




"you know i'm going to have to punish you now?" 


I shook my head. 


"yes i am kitten" 

"its not a punishment if i like it" i whispered in his ear 


I heard him groan 


"well, its a punishment if i make you beg for it" 


I felt his hot breathe on my lips causing my eyes to flutter close. 


I opened my eyes in shock when i heard the door close. 


"Kayden!" i yelled 


I chased after him and found him lounging on the couch watching t.v.. 


"Jesse i'm watching something" 


I shut the television off and walked towards him. 


"kayden baby" i whispered 

"yes Jesse" he smiled with a knowing look 


I straddled him and began unbuttoning his shirt. I ran my hand over his muscles before sucking on his neck making sure to leave a mark. 


I felt kayden grab my hips causing me to smirk into his neck 


"you don't play fare kitten" he growled 


He flipped us so i was lying down. 


"yeah but you like it" 

I bite his lip and pulled gently. 


Kayden groaned in pure bliss. 


"Jesse stop" he moaned 

"what if i don't want to?" 

"you won't get your surprise" 

"fine i'll stop on one condition" 


He laughed 


"and what is that my love" 

"you keep your shirt off for the rest of the day" i mumbled 


Kayden pecked me on the cheek 


"anything for you" 

"so whats my surprise?"  

"follow me" 

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