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The Dawn of Pirates (book #1 of the Alric Smith Series)

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There was a terrible knock on the door the next morning. Alphard got up directly, feeling an odd sensation down his throat. He slid out of his bed and looked at the window drowsily to see who was making such a fuss early in the morning. With a shot of surprise, he hurried out of his room, through the corridor, and bolted inside Alric’s.

            He was completely covered under his thick blanket of his light painted room. Alphard removed his blanket and shouted “GET UP! QUICKLY! IT’S URGENT!” Alric sat bolt upright, only wearing pinstriped boxers, he fell down the floor with a thump. “Don’t make a noise!” Alphard hissed “It’s Mrs. York! She’s here again!”

            Eyes widening, Alric ruffled his hair and crept to look at the window. An old woman with graying, curly hair stood in front of their doorstep. She was plump and caring by the looks of it, an old widow who loves cats. But Alric and Alphard feared her ever since their mum died when they were only six. She works for an orphanage in London, and she’s been eyeing the two boys ever since they learned to crawl. Having a busy father who always travels because of his detective work, their mum was their usual sanctuary, but now, having two parents chucked away, they have no choice but to end up with Mrs. York.

            “Go and get dressed!” Alric ordered Alphard “Quickly before she barges in!”

            Alphard ran outside, while Alric turned to his wardrobe to pick his best clothes. He snatched a black collared shirt and a pair of dark jeans and dressed them quickly as he heard Mrs. York knock menacingly on the door. After he did everything he ought to upstairs, he went down to put away the books and papers scattered on the floor, but knowing Mrs. York, she’ll definitely find a way to take Alphard to the orphanage, since Alric’s already of age. But he can’t let that happen; he tossed the crumpled papers out the window of the back door, in the far side of his study, and under the green sofas where he was sure Mrs. York won’t check.

            When Alphard got his hair to be flat on his head and wore a proper attire, they scurried out of the back door and walked around the house. Mrs. York was still knocking on their doorstep when Alric and Alphard started their diversion.

            “Oh, Mrs. York,” Alric said coolly “Didn’t know you were coming today. Me and my brother just went out to have a bit of a stroll.”

            “Good morning, Mrs. York!” Alphard said in a convincing tone “Nice weather we’re having, is it not?”

            Mrs. York looked suspiciously at Alric, but turned to look at Alphard good-naturedly. “Hello, boys. Yes it is a nice weather, but I didn’t expect to see you up early in the morning.”

            “We’re just following what our dad used to say,” Alphard said “The early worm, catches the bird—I mean—”

            Alric nudged Alphard’s elbow and shot him a sharp look, but Mrs. York did not seem to notice while she looks dreadfully at the small house. “Please, come in, Mrs. York.” Alric said, gesturing her to enter.

            She gave him her moth eaten umbrella and gave Alphard her shopping bag which consisted of cat food and scented candles. Together, they stepped in the room. As soon as Mrs. York entered, she gasped for breath and covered her nose while her eyes turned watery. “Horrible…horrible!”

            Alric’s eyes widened but Alphard seemed to be enjoying what he sees. “What’s horrible?”

            But she merely turned away and inhaled the fresh air outside the unclosed door. Alric and Alphard both shot distressing looks. “Mrs. York, what’s the matter?” Alphard asked, trying his hardest not to laugh.

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