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Don't let this be the end(Homophobia Sequel: Larry Stylinson)


I curled up on the bed, Harry's jacket tightly around me...

I need my Hazza Bear back...

I hadn't even been two days since I saw him, since I heard his amazing voice...

I needed him, I can't even breath properly without him...

He's my reason for everything..

My reason for living ...

now I don't have him...

I lost him...

I routed until I found a razor.

I could see it now...

The stories I mean...

Homosexual University student bleeds to death in local hotel...

Of course they'd mention I was gay...

They are stupid like that...

Like my sexuality effects the fact I just commit suicide...?

I gently ran the blade over my wrist, not hard, just enough to feel it and leave the faintest of pink lines, not even breaking the skin.

I then did it across the same spot, the tiniest scratch, just ripping the skin.

Another in the same spot, a few drops of blood seeping.

Another, excrutatingly painful when placed on top of another open wound, deep enough for a little rush.

He just had to do it...

One notch deeper would be too deep...

He'd be gone...

Liam can he eaten alive by guilt and jump off a cliff.

And harry can sit around grieving until he decides to straight up forget about me...


Goodbye Harry...I love you..

I pressed the blade down, ready to cut when my phone started ringing.

I sighed and grabbed it. "WHAT?!" I snapped..

"Louis...come quick!" it was Zayn...?

"why? I'm busy!"I said twirling the blade almost dementdly...

"Harry.. He jumped...out of Liam's car...they were on the motor way and Liam said that you were stupid for leaving, liam told him to fuck off and Harry told stop the car. Liam was angry and driving at like 110? And well...yeah...Harry just jumped out!"

Time stopped.

My breathing stopped.

My heart stopped.

Everything froze...

My world crashing down.

"what...?" I choked out along with a sob.

"he's in a coma and pretty beaten's a miracle he's alive" he whispered.

"I'll be right there...." I grabbed my keys.

Tears falling freely.

I quickly pulled on some jeans and one of Harry's button up shirt.

I stepped into some vans before rushing to the car.

It's my fault!!

I'm so selfish!!

I couldn't just of stayed and suffered for him?

So what if he was with Liam constantly...?

Some people allow there partners to cheat!!

It's more important that they are together no matter what they do with other people...?

When Harry's better...which he will be!! I'll put it on the table...I'm lucky Harry ever even looked at me...

So if he wants Liam aswell then I'll just stand back and let him have us both!

Actually know...Liam let him jump out of a car!!

He can have someone else on the side for when he's bored of me!!

Im going to kill Liam...

Liam doesn't deserve him!!

Can't Liam just piss off ? 


I parked in the hospital carpark and rushed in.

"Is there a Harry Styles here?" I asked, his voice cracking from crying so much...

"room 754, He's in intensive care up on the third floor."

I was sprinting off before she'd even finished her sentence..

I rushed up, looking at the numbers fly past me as I ran to Harry's room.

Then there he was...

He was wired up to machines and drugs.

His eyes were peacefully closed and his skin that I could see, was covered in stitches and scratches and bruises...

He looked so pale and his curls were matted with what looked like blood...

I breathed in slowly.

Then I noticed Liam at his bed side crying..

"You!" I growled.

Liam looked up, startled and looking guilty.

"You prick!!" I growled, storming forward and gripping him by the collar of his shirt.

I roughly pulled him up to his feet.

"you fucking prick!" I slammed him against the wall and used my other hand to punch him four times.

"IT'S NOT ENOUGH YOU BROKE US UP!! YOU HAVE TO TRY AND GET HIM KILLED?" I pulled him away from the wall and slammed him against it. "YOU TAKE AWAY MY REASON FOR LIVING AND THEN TRY TO KILL HIM!" I slammed him against the wall again.

"I..I..." Liam choked out trying to get me to stop, tears starting to fall.

I didn't stop though...

He didn't deserve it.

I slammed my knee into his stomach and he yelped in pain.

"sir?" A soft female voice said. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave..."

I dropped Liam and turned around to see a nurse.

"and I'm going to have to decline" I said in a mocking tone.

The nurse sighed. "Sir, I will call security!"

I glared and breathed deeply. "You see that fragile boy lay there?" I growled gesturing to Harry. "he's the love of my've got more chance of The Wanted winning a major music award...than me leaving my one true love!" I snapped, sitting where Liam had been moments before.

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