Chapter 1

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“Hey Matt! Open the door would ya? I think pizza’s here.” I heard someone shout behind the door. Yes, it would be nice for someone to open the door already. The huge pile of pizza’s in my arms are surprisingly heavy. Or maybe I’m just tired. Who eats this many pizza’s anyway? I mean eight! Seriously? Sigh. At least I’m getting paid for this. I should be on my way home by now. Not standing outside someone’s house with a mountain of pizza. Devin better be grateful for this.

Devin, my boss and the owner of “The Pizza Place” - original, I know - persuaded me to make this last delivery before I leave. Although I think bribed would be the better word. I worked in TPP for a year and a half now and it’s a very friendly place. The rest of the staff and I are a weird bunch, but I guess that’s why we work well together. TPP is pretty successful too. Devin has branches all over the area as well as some other towns. We’re close too. He’s the one that offered me the job when we first met. I think of him like family now. He’s better than my dad in any case. My dad is always AWOL. I still love him too, but he can be…too much sometimes, other times…well he’s not there at all other times. But hey, you can’t pick family, right?

Anyway, here I am at 11:23pm(when I’m only supposed to work until 10) outside a house waiting for the door to be opened. When I finally hear the door open, I grumble because due to the pizza boxes I can’t see the customer. Well this is awkward, I think.

“Do you need help?” I hear a male voice ask. I think that’s Matt - the one who was supposed to open the door.

“ Yes, please.” I stutter. Damn my social awkwardness. Why can’t I speak normally to people?!

He picks up the pizza’s and our hands brush together. I nearly drop the boxes due to surprise. Fortunately I don’t. Unfortunately Matt, sees my grimace and notices that I flinch. Nice going. Now he thinks you’re a loser. Oh, wait, you are. I pull my cap with the TPP insignia down, look anywhere but in his direction avoiding eye contact and wait for him to say something.

“So what’ll it be?” I look up to him confused and meet really nice stormy grey eyes. I keep looking at his face and notice that he’s quite good-looking. The brown hair is straight and looks slightly messy. He has a straight nose and high check bones. His jaw looks defined and has a five o’clock shadow. His lips are a light pink, and the bottom lip is fuller than the top. “You know…” he says awkwardly “for the pizzas?” Duh! You fool! Of course! He’s asking about the payment. 

“Umm…It’s um f-fifty two dollars and-and err t-twenty seven c-cents.” I stutter. Mentally, scolding myself for being such an idiot. I bet he now thinks I’m some stupid anti-social loser who doesn’t know how to speak to people. Although I guess that’s pretty close to the truth.

“Okay. Wait here. I’ll umm.. I’ll bring the money.” He says quickly and almost runs away from the door, leaving it open. I sigh and think yes, run away, it’s better for everyone.

I’m still standing outside of the house when I hear someone coming from the other side. Panicking I look around for somewhere to hide. What if they think I’m some creepy stalker for standing outside their house? That wouldn’t be good. However my inner ponderings are disrupted when another male face appears at the door. At first he looks at me weirdly, then looks over my TPP uniform and a smile appears on his face showing two dimples. I don’t know whether to say something and do something, but my body’s reaction to the smile is a blush. So soon enough I feel my face warming up and his smile getting bigger and turning into a grin.

“Hey” He does the head nod “who might you be?” He finally steps out behind the door and I can see that he’s a pretty cute guy. His hair is a dirty blonde and falls over his eyes that are hazel. His nose is also straight like the other guy - Matt’s. His jaw is squared and looks pretty strong. He’s wearing a Green Lantern shirt and simple jeans.  Overall I think he’s good-looking, but Matt is better. I become even redder for thinking that, but answer him anyway. With stuttering of course.