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Invisible. (Harry Styles fanfic)


Lucille’s POV

This was so awkward. I don’t know what to do. I checked my phone to see some tweets.

@Harry_styles: Management dinner.  I know you can’t stand this things. #missingyou

He still remembers. Or Is this Louis? I know Louis can’t stand management dinners, he makes a fool out of himself when he’s bored. But missing you? This can’t be him.

I excused myself from the table, and went to the elevator.

“Lucille wait!.” Someone rushed into me and held my arm. “Oh hey.” I smiled at Conor.

“Where you going?.” Conor asked. “To the rooftop. Wanna come with me?.” I asked. “Yeah sure.” He accepted my offer.

As we reached the rooftop, wow. The view was so beautiful. It’s my first time here.

“Wow.” Conor said. “I know. A beauty right?. I asked. “Yes a beauty indeed.” Conor told me.


Harry’s POV

I knew it Lucille can’t stand management dinners. She excused herself and Conor followed her, I looked at Louis and he told me to follow them. I told myself after 5 minutes, I’ll follow them.


Lucille’s POV

“So who’s this girl you’re setting me up with?.” Conor asked. “Her name’s Summer.” I said.

“Wow. Her name sounds beautiful, her face looks infinity times beautiful than her name.” I said.

“I’m so excited.” Conor added.


“So mind telling me about this boyfriend of yours?.” Conor asked. Oh goodness. “Um. He’s sweet, handsome, understandable.. and” Conor cutted off my words. “He’s Harry Styles.” Conor added.

I got quiet. “I know Lucille. Harry’s your boyfriend.” Conor  said. “WAS.” I said. “And why did you tell me your boyfriend will get mad?.” Conor asked.

“It’s just that..” he cutted off my words again. “You still love him.” Conor said. “Exactly.” I said.

“Well. If it’s destiny, there will always be a way for you to be with each other.” Conor added. “I hope.” I said. “Don’t hope. Believe.” Conor told me.

There was a soft bang on the door. And I knew it was Harry. Conor looked back and he signaled me to talk to him..

“See yah. Goodluck.” Conor left me.. and he told something to Harry and patted his shoulder.

Harry’s POV

I was looking over Conor and Lucille, and they look like they’re having a serious talk. Wait. Whoah. I slipped. And my head banged on the door, I hope they won’t see me.

Conor looked back and she said something to Lucille and Lucille didn’t look back. Conor left Lucille, and walked straight to me. “She loves you man. Go talk to her.” Conor whispered and patted my shoulder.

I walked straight to Lucille and she was just very quiet.

“Hey Lu.” I said. “Go away.” Lucille spoke. “Well I don’t want to.” I said. “Then I will.” She walked away and I grabbed her hand.

“Please. Talk to me.” I said. “No.” she told me. And took her hand off mine. “Well you are talking to me right now.” I said.


Lucille’s POV

“Hey Lu.” Harry stood beside me. “Go away.” I said. “Well I don’t want to.” Harry added. I was getting a little bugged. “Then I will.” I said and walked out. Until he grabbed my hand. “Please. Talk to me.” Harry pleaded.

“No.” I told him and took off my hand from his. “Well you are talking to me right now.” He’s so corny. I miss those corny jokes. I just got quiet and continued to walk.

“Please don’t go.” Harry spoke.  “I love you.” Harry added. I stopped walking.  

“Save it for the girl who likes to get in your pants.” I said. He walked forward straight to me and he hugged me super tight. “Harry. Let me go.” He won’t let go. I was kicking him already and goodness he was strong. I missed this thing, I remembered when he did this in the Nerf Games.

That’s when I had my first major crush on him. “Harry let go.” I said. “No. Not until you say the things on how could I forgive you.” Harry said. He really wants to prove it.

“I won’t tell you until you let me down.” I said. Harry let me down. “If you really know me.. Then you know the ways on how could I forgive you.” I said.

“But if I kiss you now. Will you forgive me?.” Harry said. “No. I will slap you and call the police.” I said.

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Management dinner.

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