if you knew the rest of me... (joel faviere and blake bliss fan fic)


This is a little fan fic for the two most amazing people i adore and love. Joel faviere is the lead singer for Get Scared. (yes people Get Scared got a new singer blah blah) when he wasn't on it he had this whole big side project that i adore he changed peoples lives making if you knew It was meant for his 10 year old friend who would cut and i think she still does. He made this 2:19 video that was so amazing and so true (please check it out it might help you if you have problems) He is one of the persons who inspired me to help people with problems or that need a hand.

Blake Bliss makes music that inspires kids not to cut, not to be what the man wants you to be. (Im not a hippie) He makes videos that help kids survive. His a motivated speaker,a singer/songwriter, a great person with great knowledge. His one of the greatest persons ever and he motivated me to become something greater than what i imagined.

If you ever have that feeling that no one wants you, you need to be dead please call the suicide hotline or just read this whatever you want but please don't do it your amazing and great

here is some of the context or paragraph whatever you want to call it from joel faviere in his video If you knew

 Update: This response already is incredible. I wrote it for you, not for money. I wrote it to change lives. I wrote this song for Self-Harm Awareness day.

Lyrics: They think you're crazy.

They think you're mad.

They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it.

Now you're walkin' back, to a place you call home,

but you feel so alone.

The same hurtful hits, it's your darker place.

In your virgin ears, the remarks they make.

And if they, if they really knew all of those things.

That you do in your room, to hide the pain.

I bet their minds would change.

I'll bet their minds would change.

They'd change, If they knew the pain.

I believe in these scars, I believe.

I told my friend of 10 years this and it helped her stop cutting/self infliction, for good.

Cutting only transfers the pain to your body. Cutting takes the pain from your mind and your thoughts and memories and puts them directly on your body. I know that it helps you right now sweetie but you need understand one thing from me. Cutting only gets rid of the pain temporarily and thats why you go back to it. If it was a forever fix, it would happen once and it would be over with forever.

But its not that at all. Its really really hard to get out of but if you learn to stop youll soon realize that its not needed, I promise.

Transferring pain from one place to another is useless and its only going to hurt you more. You are a beautiful human being, I promise you.

I believe in you and I believe that if you think about what I've told you, that you will be strong enough to quit. That is why you should quit.

You will be a success, and you will matter in life. You aren't worthless and you aren't stuck in the past. You are a unique, one of a kind girl that doesn't need to inflict pain to herself. You can do it, I know it.

I love all of you and I want you to know you aren't alone in this world.

I swear on my fucking life you are not alone.

please tell someone you know who has problems that wants to kill themselfs to stop and to listen to this song or read it to them cause no one deserves to be abused or alone

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