Sonadow 'Maid and Master'

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((Howdy y'all! Now wait a minute, You sure you can be handling this??? It was inspired by 2 great pictures, One of which is the cover page made by a great atist I know on Deviantart. The other picture, I'm afraid I can't show it too ya buuut I can describe it in the story the best I can! Happy readying all you naughty Fans ))

The small glass of water stood at the edge of the table. Sonic looked at it, almost observing every molecule. He frowned in disgust sitting back in his chair and simply flicked the fragile glass to the floor.


In the other room his maid had been dusting a bookshelf trying to get the job done quickly, but their ear twitched to the sound of their name.

"SHADOW!!!" his master calls angrily for the second time. Shadow carefully climbed down the latter he'd been standing on and scurried to the room where Sonic awaited his arrival.

"Yes master Sonic?" he asked standing in the doorway. Yes we all know that males are not maids, they are to be butlers, but in this case, Master Sonic who had secretly admired Shadow as he was raised to do his jobs, and finally bought him from the seller, had every control over him, and put him in a maids outfit, making him have the very figure of a petit female.

Shadow never understood his masters reasoning for doing so, but he was supposedly supposed to be great full, he could have been sold to a master that sent him out in hot weather working him like a mule, just as the others he'd been raised with.

He stood in the doorway in the short dress and duster in hand; thank god Master had spared the trouble of trying to work in those high heel shoes. Sonic was pointing the broken glass and puddle of water on the floor.

"Oh. I'm sorry Master." Shadow quickly apologized, "Have I set it to close to the edge?" he asked quickly grabbing a towel.

"No." Sonic said crossing his arms. Shadow stopped looking at his master.

"I dropped it. It was a sorry excuse for a glass of water!" Sonic yelled into Shadow's face. Shadow grit his teeth looking down from the angry green eyes.

"My apologies Master. What was wrong with it? Did you not ask for a glass of water?" he asked.

"It had no ice! You're telling me that I spare your hide from being whipped and worked to heat stroke, and you can't even put ice in my drink!?!"

"Y-you didn't ask for any..." Shadow mumbled quietly.

"What!? Ask? I have to ask!? Do YOU want a warm glass of water!?"

Shadow quickly shook his head keeping his eyes down and started to tug on the corners of the white apron over the dress. Sonic hurled him to the ground while demanding, "Clean it up!"

Shadow got to his knees looking around frantically for the towel that seemed to have flown from his hands during the fall. Before he could reach for it Sonic's shoe connected to the back of his head making him now on hands and knees.

"M-master the-" Shadow tried to explain but Sonic forced his weight down more bring Shadow's face closer to the puddle of water and broken glass. Tears began to sting his eyes as he held in his boiling aggravation.

"Clean it!" Master Sonic ordered again dipping the tip of Shadow's nose in the puddle.

"B-but how?" Shadow asked through a shaky voice.

"Lap it up, like the good little pet you are." Sonic said almost sweetly.

"But the glass-"

"Ugh! Always talking back with your 'but'! 'But this, but that!'" Sonic mimicked in a whiney voice. "Here's you're but..." Sonic growled letting his foot come off of his head and suddenly there was a stinging sensation on Shadow's bottom where Sonic had gave him a spank with an open hand.