My Mindless Secret [BoyxBoy Love Story]


Prince POV

Oh God. There he goes again. Why does he have to grind like that on stage. Always leaving me all hot and bothered. Huh, why? I think God is trying to kill me. Yes Im gay. So what. If you don't like, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get the fuck over it 'cause I ain't changing. Anyway, back to my delema. This boy will be the death of me I swear. But whatever. Deep breathes Prince, deep breathes. Ok, I think Im good now, back to the concert. We're perfoming Girls Talkin' Bout and it's my part. I add extra grinding because my mind slipped back to him. Damn!!! The bulge in my pants is getting tighter. AND IT HURTS!! Bad. But what am i gonna do? I cant just jerk off here on stage. Nope. My "little friend" is just going to have to wait 'til after the concert. Good thing this is our last song, huh?

Ok, we're back at the hotel. "Umm, I need to pee."

Roc laughs."Ok dude we didn't need to no that," he said still chuckling.

I blush slightly and look away. "Whatever. I'll be in the room," I mumble. God his laughs gives me butterflies.I go up to our room, yes our room. I have to share a room with that sexy bastard. I unlock the door with the room key and sprint for the bathroom, locking it. I decide to take a shower. I turn on the shower then strip down my "friend" looking me staight in the eye. I step in the shower and let the water beat down on me. It's warm, which doesn't help at all. I look down at myself, take my thumb and press down on the tip, instently causing me to moan. I take myself fully in my hand and start pumping. An image of him popped in my head. I slug back on the wall, eyes closed, breathing heavily.Im getting close to my edge. I grip at the slippery wall and buck my hips into my hand. I tighten my grip. "Oh God" I moan. I moan/whisper only loud enough for me to hear "Damn Roc. Uhhh.Yes. Oh. Yeah." I throw my head and squeeze my eyes close as I cum. I wash myself and my hair and get out the shower. After drying myself I wrap my towel around my waist and walk out the bathroom. I go to my suitcase and get out some boxer and slip them on. I walk to the couch and plop down grabing the remote and turning on the tv.

A couple of minutes go by and I hear the door open and close. Oh God, there he is. The sex god himself.

" 'Sup Prince," he said while ruffleing my hair.

I swat his hand away and pretend to be annoyed. "Nothing much just watchin' tv. And don't touch my hair. I just washed it, I don't want to have to wash it again."

"Whatever. You know you love it," he chuckled dragging out the last two words with that gorgeous smile of his.

I scuff and roll my eyes. If only you knew how much i really do. is it? Is it good? Comment, vote, and fan please. Thanks baby cakes

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