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Passionate Passion - TaeNy, YulSic, chapter 78-122



The sound of the phone ringing loud in the living room wakes Taeyeon up.

Taeyeon sits up on the bed,

Scratching the back of her head, messing up her hair.

She looks at the side of hers,

Where Tiffany was sleeping peacefully.

The phone went dead, taeyeon smirks as she then continue to lean her head downwards.

Kissing Tiffany's shoulder and slowly went up to the crook of the soft neck line.


Tiffany groans in her sleep.

All this delight were ended quickly when the phone rings again.

Taeyeon frustrated, get out of the bed and head out.

Walking groggily towards where the phone is,

Jumping onto the couch, picking up the phone.

Taeyeon : Mmmm, annyeong?

??? : dae, annyeong haseyo, may I speak to Tiffany.

Taeyeon's eyes widen a little from being all sleepy.

Wondering who this guy is, seeking for her girlfriend.

Taeyeon : Tiffany? She's busy, who is this?

Man : well, im one of the co-director for the musical Fame..we are going to have a shooting soon and hope she can be here by today in the afternoon. She will be needing to stay here for a day or two to continue the shooting.

Taeyeon : what?? A day or two? Have you talk to my manager about this though?

Man : yes, they has given the approval.. it is better for her to the do shooting in one shot.

Taeyeon : mmmm...

(damn! Two days?? How the hell am I suppose to live with that)(tae)

Man : er, miss?? Are you still there?

Taeyeon : sorry, yes yes.

Man : well, let her know alright?

Taeyeon : yes, sure..

Man : thank you.

Taeyeon bite her bottom lip as she puts the phone down.

She then sees, sleepy head Tiffany walking out to the living room,

Joining her.

Tiffany rubs her eyes cutely, still being sleepy.

She walks directly towards taeyeon and lays her head onto Taeyeon's lap.

"wae?" Taeyeon ask as she stroke the head of her lover softly.

Tiffany shakes her head,

As she proceed into hugging Taeyeon by the waist,

Burying her face deeper into Taeyeon's abs.

"you wanna continue your sleep?" Taeyeon ask quietly.

Tiffany nods her head,

Taeyeon smiles at it.


"dae...go on" as Taeyeon continues to stroke the hair with her fingers.


Jessica looks out on the open window,

Letting the breeze blowing softly into her face.

She tries to enjoy it while having a cup of cocoa in her hand.

Listening to the song she sang, Almost on the radio.


Jessica turn around in response, but only to be surprise to see the tall tanned girl standing at her doorway.


"sica, you mind if I say something?" Yuri ask in a polite mannerly way.

Jessica nods her head.

Yuri close the door before she continues.

"i love you a lot in the past, before, things happens.."

Jessica looks at Yuri, wonderingly.

"even till now, nothing love for you I mean" Yuri continues.

"what is this yuri? Why is sudden?"


"take me as yours, yuri-sshi" Yoona purr those words into Yuri's ear.

Yuri gulp in nervous, "b-but yoona...don't you think. It's a little too...quick?"

Yoona moves away from Yuri.

Yuri can see definite hint of disappointment in Yoona's face now.

"is not that yoona, but i-"

"but you still love her" Yoona helped to finish the sentence.


"admit it yuri.. you were never forgetting her even the day you broke up with her and start with me"

Yuri lick her bottom lips, but only hung her head low, feeling guilty.

"yuri, you are not being fair to me or sica and even yourself!" Yoona stares at Yuri.

"I am so sorry"

"you know, is never easy finding a person who loves you and you loves them why, why did you let Jessica unnie go so easily?"

Yuri who is shock at what Yoona said, stare up immediately.

"I know...I was, being one sided love..i was hopeful on getting your love when you broke up with Jessica, but when we kissed, I knew it was nothing but just..a kiss.."

Yuri holds Yoona's hands immediately when she sees tears are gathering in Yoona's eyes.

"anniya, yoona ahhh~"

Yoona pulls her hands away, "don't feel sorry, but you will be sorry if you lose the chances of being with sica unnie again"

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