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He's my master, I belong to him (Book One and Two) (Completed)


Here's the sequel people! I hope you like it.



He's my husband; we belong to each other.

His well-formed chest was going up and down as he breathed softly. He was on his underwear, so I could see his pale defined abs and legs. His dark-messy hair was covering his forehead and ears.  

Who was he?



my love....

my future husband...

It was the first time in weeks; I woke up first when the night had arrived. He looked tired; he and his father had been working a lot lately preparing everything to sign the peace pact.

I knew I shouldn't be there; I was a vampire lady now. It was sort of a rule for a couple like us not to be left alone or sleep together until we married. But that night as soon as I woke up I had decided to sneak into his room.

"Damon" I said his name caressing his face. He opened his dark eyes slowly and gave me an intense look.

"You should not be here, milady" he stated sitting down. I noticed he had bags under his eyes.

"I know" I teased leaning to him.

"Don't temp me, Arlene. I may lose control pretty easily" his red lips invited me to kiss him and so I did. I gave him a short teasing kiss.

Damon wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me to him. He kissed me desperately "I need you" he whispered on my lips. I needed him, too.

A knock on the door made us jumped away from each other.

"Damon?" Shawn's voice asked at the other side of the door.

We would be seriously in trouble if Shawn found me there.

"I'm coming" Damon replied getting some pants on. Then, he kissed my forehead and whispered "Use the window" I nodded my head. It wasn't the first time I would have to use that window to leave Damon's room. I walked to the window and jumped out of it landing perfectly on the garden's ground, advantages of being a vampire.

"Arlene?" oh oh, someone had seen me. I turned around nervous.

"Prince Lucian" I greeted pretending a smile.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was just... you know... just... taking a walk" I wasn't a good liar.

Lucian looked up to Damon's window.

"Isn't that Damon's window?" How on earth did he know that?

"I don't know, maybe" I hesitated afraid of being discovered. But then I noticed some small leaves on Lucian's hair. They were really small but since the day I became a vampire I was able to perceive many details. My thoughts were interrupted when Ariel appeared from behind a tree fixing her dress. Oh.... now I got it...

"What are you doing here?" she asked trying to act normal. Ha! I got them.

"She was in Damon's room" Lucian affirmed secure. I swallowed.

"What?!" Ariel was the last person I wanted to know my secret meetings with Damon "What were you doing there? You know it's forbidden for you two to be alone like that until you get married"

"I know" I looked down embarrassed. No, wait, they had been doing something behind those trees and I could bet it wasn't talking. They had no moral "You are together now, ardent you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Ariel played the fool.

"Yeah right" I rolled my eyes.

"Ok you got us. Can you keep the secret?" Lucian asked directly.

"If you keep mine"

"it's a deal" Lucian said smiling at me. I was happy for them.

"We should get out of here" I agreed with her "if someone sees us..." Lucian followed her "See you later, Arlene" Ariel said waving her hand.

"Hey Lucian! You have leaves on your hair" I chuckled at the end of my sentence. They were soon gone. Since Damon had proposed to me, I came to live in the royal mansion. I barely hung out with ash or Annie. Maddy and my parents came to visit me every two days. I felt so lonely sometimes, I didn't see Damon as often as I would like. Our wedding was in two days, thanks God.

I walked through the garden caressing the flowers around me. I took a deep breath filling my lungs, I liked to be there. It was so peaceful.

A figure passed quickly in front of me. It was a definitely a vampire. He ran really fast. I followed him trying to catch up with his speed.

"Hey!" I screamed at him and for my surprise he stopped. When he turned to me I wasn't expecting him to be... "Louis" I greeted smiling.

"Lady Arlene" he said coldly.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came as a messenger from Athalia" his tone was so indifferent. Seconds of silence passed between us.

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He's my husband, We belong to each other (HMM, IBTH's sequel)

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