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Gotta be You. (Niall Horan fan fic)


Okay I am really sorry I haven't updated in like FOREVER! I just couldn't really think of anything to write... but i finallly got some ideas.. haha. here we go! :)

*Rene's P.O.V.*  

I woke up the next morning at around 9 in the morning. Really early for me, I usually get up at like noon... what was wrong with me? I decided I would get up and get a decent breakfast, not even bothering to do anything with myself I rolled out of bed went to my bathroom and took out my retainer.. yes.. I have to wear a retainer to keep my teeth straight after having braces. I. Hate. It. So gross... I swished water in my mouth and spit it out and then brushed through my hair. I definitely have to take a shower today and tame this mess. I went downstairs still in my pajamas. They consist of an over sized T-shirt and these hot pink boxers my sister got me for Christmas, they have little frogs on them... I don't care they are the most comfortable things in the world. I got downstairs and went into the kitchen, no one was there... hmm? Where is everybody? I was about to go back upstairs to get my phone and call my family untill I saw a bright pink post it note.  

Me, Vi, Dad, and Pat all went to breakfast, you were still sleeping and we didn't want to wake you. We will be out all day shopping. Do whatever you want or you can come find us. Love you! Love, Mom.  

Wow, okay I have no idea what I'm going to do today... I wonder what Niall is doing... I'll call him later. Now I need food! What to cook, what to cook... I looked through the pantry untill I saw a box of pancakes. YES! I LOVE PANCAKES! I exclaimed in my head. I'm definitely gonna cook these babbies. But, first I need music so I won't be so bored. I ran up the stairs and grabbed my Macbook air and came back down, I logged onto my computer and was greeted with my lovely background of me and all my friends at our dance recital.. we were all doing a ridiculous face and and it looked even funnier because we were all in different costumes. I smiled and laughed a little at my crazy friends. I miss them. Anyways, back to reality. I logged onto pandora and hit play on the Today's Hits radio and Call me Maybe came on. I laughed at the song. That song was so cheesy but was extremely catchy. I found myself humming along and dancing to the beat all the while making some pretty great pancakes. I was about halfway through being done when Everybody Talks came on. I squealed with excitement I LOVED this song! I ran over to my computer and blasted my favorite tune.Now I was belting out the chorus.  

"IT STARTED WITH A WISPER!" while I was dancing and singing into the spatula when I suddenly heard a familiar chuckel. My head whipped around to see Niall leaning against the door frame to the entrance of the kitchen with a smirk on his face trying but failing to keep his laughter in. My cheeks blushed a bright red.  

"Niall! What are you doing in here?!" I exclaimed while I turned the music down. He just chuckeled.  

"I was texting you about 45 minutes ago to see if you were busy but you weren't replying so I decided I would come see you. I got here and the backdoor was unlocked so I let myself in and found you doing this! Hahaha!" He was smirking that devilish smirk while still chuckeling at me. I huffed a sigh.  

"Shut up! I thought I was alone!" I said to him with my arms crossed and glaring at him.  

"Is this what you do all the time while you're alone? Because I don't want to miss another performance." He winked at me and smiled a toothy grin. I rolled my eyes and hit him upside the head with my hand.  

"OW! Fiesty are we in the mornins?" he said with still a big grin on his face. I went back to making my pancakes and I could feel his eyes on me while I was cooking.  

"What?" I said looking up to him. He just smiled at me shook his head.  

"Oh come on! Tell me why you were staring at me Horan. It's probably because I look horid this mornin!" I said to him flipping my last pancake onto a plate.  

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