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Louis’s POV-

I slammed my fists on the glass doors of the Sysco music studios office block. Banging them hard I felt as though the doors would shatter or security would come out and tazer me.

“Damien!” I screamed at the top of my voice. “DAMIEN LIVINGSTON OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!”

Looking up at the towering building I saw all lights were off but one. The top office that only one person resides in. He was in the building and he sure as hell was going to hear me!

I hit the doors again and again. “DAMIEN OPEN THE DOOR!”

There was a pause as I realised it was no good. As I went to turn I heard a small gasp that only one type of person makes.

“Sorry no autographs of pictures today... I’m kind of busy,” I hissed smacking my head against the glass.

“Lowie Tomwinson!” Someone shrieked.

My eyebrows drew together and I looked under my arm expecting to see a classic Diretioner; camera and pen and pad at the ready with a look on her face that you only get when you see your hero. I’m no hero.

Instead I saw a small girl with little blonde plats wearing a little yellow summer dress. “Umm... hello,” I said turning on my heel and facing her.

She gave a nervous wave, “Hewo Lowie... nice to mweet you.”

I smiled she was so adorable. “Hi... nice to meet you to... do you want me to sign something? Or take a photo?”

The girl folded her arms and scrunched up her nose, “You said no autowgraphs of photos!”

I laughed, “So I did... but for you I’ll make an exception.”

She smiled so wide I saw she was missing her two front teeth and that was clearly why she slurred her words. “Good,” she laughed.

“What’s your name?” I asked as she rummaged around a small hello kitty purse to find a pen and piece of paper.

“Ewisa...” she smiled passing me a pen and pad of paper.

I laughed, “I have a sister called Elisa.”

Elisa’s mouth dropped open and she began jumping up and down. “I couwd be your sister!” she giggled. “Do you wove your sister? Do you wove her to the moon and back?”

I froze and a chill ran down my spine. My mouth creaked open and the corners of my mouth turned upwards. “I love my sister... I love her to the moon and back a thousand times.”

Elisa smiled, “Good!” She reached out her hands and I passed her back the signed paper and pen. Before she left she giggled, “Do you know Luwie you are my favouwite pawt of Wone Diwection... I would die if you weft!”

She then turned on her heel and began skipping away, “BWYE LUWIE!”

I waved back, “Bye Elisa...”

It’s funny isn’t it? How one moment can change everything you were so certain of. Because of one little girl who I will never see again I have changed everything I was thinking.

I realise now that I love my sister... to the moon and back and would it be best if I leave One Direction? If I stop and think for a moment I realise that I’m being selfish... I’m not caring about Elisa or Harry or anyone else for that matter. Just me.

Just about how Harry has hurt me, how he has betrayed our friendship and how he has forced me to leave but in all honesty he hasn’t forced me to do anything... I made a choice... and now I’m changing it.

But where do I go from here?

Harry’s POV-

“He can’t leave?” I shouted to Niall as we ran to the studios. “He wouldn’t!”

Niall growled, “After what you’ve put him through I wouldn’t blame him for considering it!”

“I didn’t mean for this to happen!” I protested pulling out the strands of my hair. “I never meant to hurt anyone!”

Liam scoffed, “Yet it seems you’ve hurt everyone?”

I snarled behind my teeth. He was right but he pissed me off that he was. I had hurt Elisa, I had hurt Louis and like Liam said, ‘everyone.’

“Damien won’t let him will he?” Liam asked as we turned the final corner. Only two more minutes till we reached the building.

Niall shrugged his feet hitting the ground like a maniac. “I don’t know... he doesn’t seem to mind the idea of One Direction being a four member group.”

Liam hissed, “Niall-”

“I know, I know,” I said just as we finally reached the towering building of Sysco Music Studios.

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