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A/N- Hello :) for those who don't know what a preference is... It's pretty hard to explain so just keep reading. Each chapter will have one preference because it does takes a long time to write these :). Please pm me if you have an idea for a preference. I could put up more chapters quicker if you do so :)

You had a bad day at school.

LIAM- he askes you what's wrong and he listens carefully to every word you have to say, and he tries to tell you everything will be fine. After your finished Ranting on and on, he puts on toy story which makes you guys laugh.

HARRY- as you cry on his shoulder he strokes your hair. You guys are rapped around in a blanket on the couch with some movie playing. You keep crying until he wipes away your tears and tickles you until you die out of laughter. Then he sets up a warm soothing bath with rose petals in the water and when you come out, he cooked a fancy dinner.

NIALL- you don't really say anything to him and your not really crying but you looked hurt. "what's wrong y/n?" he soothingly askes as you sit on his lap. You don't say anything so he gets up and goes to the kitchen and grabs some food. While you guys are eating and he makes funny faces which makes you smile then he farts which makes you burst out laughing.

ZAYN- you tell him everything and he interrupts you sometimes giving you pieces of advice. The advice really helpful. Then he chases you around the room and when he finally caught you, he plants a kiss right on your lips.

LOUIS- you had a bad day, but when you walked into Louis's and Harry's flat you burst out laughing. Louis was pretending he was angry and his fake pouty face is the cutest thing ever. When he sees you he pretends to be in those old fashioned movies and runs to you in slow motion and Harry slaps his bum. He soon gets to you and hugs you and you knew you were safe in his perfect arms.

A/N-Hope you enjoyed it :) since they are pretty short I'll update more often then my other book :) please pm me if you have a preference idea or if you can do book covers :)

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