Wizard or Which


There was a silence in the room as i took a gulp... my voice silent as everyone was looking at me. Madison my girlfriend since 8th grade (i was in 10th) moved and that broke the silence. She moved closer to me as i was watching everyone get quite it again. I pulled her buy her arm into the hallway that was gray and had this okward stain on the floor and wall's that no one even knew how it got there. I wispered to her.. "baby i want to explain but i cant if i dont get out now i could be dangerious and..." She interupted me "Why are you.. Looking like that"... I was not to quick to reply... "Its hard... then all of a sudden i had a vision of my past of how this all happened" I was in the park and there was no one there it was weired cause it has always been packed with kid's and aduilts talking what they always talk about.. How the goverment is bad or they wasnt happy about something. Then the momment when i get mad becasue i have to lision to there annoying mouth rumble for hours. I would sit on the bench thinking of my life but something felt weired like i was being controlled by something i dont know what it was or what could be causeing it.

CODY!!! She yelled I woke up from the dream that i had... Noticing that i was passed out but i didnt relize it till now i couldnt believe i was out for hours and didnt wake up. Thinking of how i was getting the feeling again like at the park.


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Wizard or Which

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