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The Helpless Silent

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Dedicated to Amber for being a wonderful editor. :D HI BUTTERNUT!

Liza put the boys to work. At first she was reluctant, not wanting the teenage heartthrobs to get dirty, but after Louis spent fifteen minutes telling her to stop giving them easy jobs, she gave in. Louis and Niall were sent to help Neptune clean up his mess, Paul, Liam and Zayn went to work outside, and Harry helped Liza in the kitchen.

"Could you pass me the tablespoon?" Liza asked, holding out a hand expectantly. Not once did she remove her eyes from the meal she was creating, as Harry handed her the measuring tool and she put in her ingredient.

Harry watched as Liza continued cooking, moving swiftly about the kitchen as though she were a master chef. She didn't stumble or second guess her ingredients, she just grabbed them and poured them into the dish.

Harry cleared his throat, causing Liza to finally lift her eyes up. "What... er... what are you making?" Harry asked, running his hands through his curly hair.

Liza's eyes went back to her work. "Stuffed cabbage rolls."

She shook in some salt, "But don't tell the kids what's in them or else they won't eat."

After a few more minutes, of filling the bowl with more ingredients and more stirring, Liza put her masterpiece into the oven, wiping her hands on her pants and then smiling up at Harry. "We're done."

Harry almost laughed out loud. When Liza said 'we're' she obviously meant her and Harry, but Harry had done practically none of the work. Except for giving her a teaspoon and handing her salt or any other ingredients, now and then. Harry wondered whether or not Liza had noticed the little amount of work, but decided it was best not to ask.

"What do we do now?" Harry asked.

Liza looked around the room before her eyes met Harry's again. "We go see what everyone else is doing."

Moments later, the duo were in the dining room, watching Niall mop up the floor while Louis was whispering with Neptune. By the way they were whispering, Liza knew that they were about to get up to mischief, so she decided to break it up. "Why is Niall doing everything himself?"

Louis' and Neptune's heads popped up at her voice and they broke apart in an instant. A guilty look was plastered on Neptune's face, but Louis seemed perfectly normal. "We were about to help him." Louis said, his eyes darting from Neptune to Niall to Liza.

Niall scoffed, his back to the group because he was cleaning. "You were not."

Louis glared at the back of Niall's head. "Were too."

"Were n-"

"It doesn't matter." Liza interrupted with a smile. "It's time for lunch anyway."

Niall dropped the mop on the floor, running to the dinning room. Louis and Neptune followed, giving each other secret glances as if to congratulate the other for not letting anything slip. Liza smiled, wishing the boys could stay longer than this just to do housework. But they were only here for a little bit, only to make their images look good, Liza supposed.

She didn't blame them, though. She knew as a celebrity you had an image to uphold, you were supposed to be as perfect as possible. So even though it seemed as if the boys were having a good time, they wouldn't be back again.

Harry had followed everyone else to the dining room, so Liza took it upon herself to go find Zayn, Liam and Paul.

Liza walked to the door and pulled on a tattered pair of Converse and an old sweater before opening the door and walking outside. She went along the house border, looking for the boys. She found them next to a tree, raking up leaves. Liam was holding a giant plastic bag open and Zayn was putting the leaves in, while Paul was just watching. Around them were a few kids, playing in the trees like monkeys.

Liza smiled politely. "It's time for lunch."

Paul got up from where he was leaning against the tree and Liam set his bag down, both of them going inside. The kids followed, a few of them having races to see who could get there first.

Zayn set his rake down and grinned, "Have we done a good job?"

Liza looked around the yard, taking in what they'd done. They had cleaned up about half of the leaves, and picked up all of the toys. The old fence had been straightened, and the flowers had been weeded. Liza grinned. "You guys did marvellously."

As Liza and Zayn walked back, Liza began to feel even more thankful for the boys. Even though they were here mainly for publicity reasons, she was still glad they'd come. Liza never would have had the time or patience to clean up this old yard, nor would she really have wanted to clean up Neptune's mess.

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