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Did I mention, I love you? (Shane Dawson <3 Story)


 Hey guys, hope today has been treating you well. If it hasn't then I'm sorry and here's a chapter to cheer you up! Enjoy! :D


Shane had his back facing me and I had the urge to surprise him, so I snuck up behind him and slipped my hands over my eyes. I felt him jump slightly which made me giggle and then he put his phone down successfully on the table before raising his hands to his eye level (or where my hands were) and slid them down so that he could kiss my right hand. I brought my hands away from him so that I could sit on the chair at the table, parallel to him.

“Hey” he grinned, clasping my hands in his again; his thumb rubbing the top of my hands.

“Hi” I greeted back, exchanging the grin.

“So how’re you finding Vidcon so far?” His voice was all excited and I suddenly felt terrible about the news I was about to break.

“Oh you know” I shrugged, my smile had dropped significantly “there are a lot of people and Ella’s not with me.”

“Where is she?”

“She met these other Toby obsessed girls, so they’re hanging out” I shrugged again “I don’t mind too much, she doesn’t have many friends so it’s nice to see her with kids her age.”

“But you’re all alone” Shane said, sticking out his bottom lip.

“Yeah but I also made a friend”

“Oh yeah, who?”

“This girl Melanie, she’s Ian from Smosh’s girlfriend.”

“Making friends with other YouTube girlfriends I see” Shane said with a dreamy smile.

“Oh I didn’t tell her we were dating or anything” I said quickly. “Wait... Did we ever establish whether or not we could tell people?” I asked cautiously.

“Who is ‘people’?”

“Um, my family, other friends... I don’t know” I murmured feeling a little stupid.

“Hmmm...” Shane cocked his head to the side “well you can definitely tell family... Friends I guess” he tweaked his shoulders “I don’t want it to be where you can’t tell people ‘cause you can, it’s just not to...” he struggled to find the right word “advertise it? I don’t know, does that make sense?”

“Yeah...” I trailed off thinking about how to break my news. “Um, Shane?”


“Um... I uh...” I could tell that my face was turning red.

“Hey, what is it?” Shane asked softly.

“Something weird happened at Vidcon...” I said cryptically.

“Weird?” Shane repeated; concern growing in his voice.

“Yeah” I paused “r-remember that guy?”

“What guy?” Shane’s voice was slightly harder now and that made me struggle even more.

“That, uh, D-Daniel guy. You know the one who broke the news to Brittani?” I looked down, licking my lips nervously.

“Wait, he was at Vidcon?” Anger entered Shane’s voice now, subtlety at first, but it grew with every word.

“Y-yeah.” Shane stood up at that point and threw a five dollar bill on the table from his pocket with a loud “keep the change!” A waiter came out of practically nowhere and claimed the money for himself “thank you si-“ Shane didn’t stick around for the end of the sentence and raged outside. I followed behind him, cursing myself for telling him.         


“Shane wait!” I called, trotting behind him.

“Where was he exactly?” Shane asked, turning around to face me, his eyes were no longer that light dancing blue, they were harder. Colder.

“Shane” I pleaded, grabbing a fistful of his shirt to ensure he wouldn’t get away “I just want to end this all here” I met with his eyes “I don’t want to fight with anyone or have some sort of conflict.” I let go of his shirt. “Let’s just move on... Be the bigger person... Please?” I continued to look into his icy eyes and I could see slight hints that they were melting. He sighed and pulled me into a hug without a word.

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