Cancerous Love (A Labyrinth fanfiction)


"I am sorry Miss Williams, but I am afraid you're prognosis doesn't look good. It appears that your condition has only worsend despite treatment. As it is right now, even with continuing chemotherapy treatments, I can only give you another two or three months left. I would suggest going home and having someone take care of you. You just need to enjoy the last of you're time comfortably." The doctor's calm voice droned on as Sarah stared blankly at the wall of the room, refusing to process the news the doctor had just given her.

"Who? What do I do? I have no one." She whispere. " I don't have anybody."

"I'll get in touch with a live in nurse for you, Miss Williams. You just concentrate on being comfortable. Leave everything to me," The doctors lab coat clad arm reached out to pat his prone patient on her thin shoulder. Her hair had long since fallen out and had been replaced by dark brown stubble; her body was weak and pal. And her green eyesahead lost their luminescence.

"Thank you," Sarah mumbled, staring down at her emanciacted body, covered in graft vs. host scars, and suddenly felt as if she were a thousand years old. Her will to live was leaving her.


"Kingy! Kingy!" A goblin came running into the crowded throne room, dodging passed out goblins and the running chickens, all the while calling out "Kingy! Kingy!" This forced the figure lounging on the throne to glance up in annoyance from the crystal with which he had been scrying and surveying his kingdom.

Jareth had fared fairly well in the ten years that had passed since his Labyrinth had been bested by a slip of a girl. His golden hair fell over a handsome face that had not aged a day and brushed shoulders clothed in a loose white shirt, open at the neck to display the golden curved amulet that signified his office. His pale leather breeches were tucked into heeled leather boots, which bounced slightly in his irritation.

"What is it, Rodin?" He drawled after a cursory glance at his interruption. "Why have you left your post?"

Gasping for breath, the goblin drew himself up to his full two-foot height and stared up at his ruler. "Kingy tolds Rodin to_to come tells him if something, something was wrong_wrong with the Lady." He finally chocked out.

At this, Jareth sat up and turned to face the goblin, giving him his full attention. The goblin however shifted uncomfortably.

"Well?" Jareth barked out when the goblin did not speak quick enough. "Out with it!"

The tiny goblin quivered at Jareth's rising fury and impatience and hesitantly pulled out a crumpled ball of white paper.

"Lady, she reads this and throws it and cries." He said matter-of-factly as he handed it to his impatient king.

"And this is all?" Jareth's anger was mounting quickly. If this was all he would send this goblin to the Bog of Eternal Stench without a second thought.

"No-no your kingslyness." The goblin said quickly. "The Lady hasn't left hers bed ins almost a week ands these men in whitefloats comes and makes her bleed! And they takes the blood away and when's they come back, the Ladycries."

"I see," Jareth muttered as he began to unfold the crumpled ball of paper. "And is that all?"

"Oh yes yes Majesty!" The goblin said, edging backwards. "I'ms goin gos back to my post, just like Kingy wats."

Jareth didn't respond, he was too busy staring on shock at the paper.

'Dear Sarah,' it read 'I regret to inform you of more painful news, due to some new complications in your blood. It appears you are also in the starting phases of leukemia. You're body is already under great strain and your immune system can't cope with a new disease to fight. The three months I had originally gave you are no longer viable due to this new data. I am sincerely sorry but I believe that a more realistic time period would be four to six weeks. Again, please understand that I am deeply saddened to give you this news. I will be by in a week to check up on you.

Stay strong,

Dr. Michealson PHD'

The note was written in a flowing yet masculine print, and as Jareth read i.! It was once more being reduced to a crumpled ball.

"Oh Sarah," He said quietly, a sad smile playing at his lips "You precious thing, why didn't you cal me?"

Standing up, he tossed his crystal in the air where it hovered for a moment before vanishing into a cloud of glitter. When the air cleared, the Goblin King was gone.


So this story is the result of a string of dreams that I had over about a week. I have recently been on a major Labyrinth kick. My grandmother is now convinced that I am in love with David Bowie. :) So please, let me know what you think so far, I love feedback I would go sofar as to say I am a review whore. So please, review!

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David Bowieas Jareth
Jennifer Connellyas Sarah

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